Alex Jones just EXPOSED the truth about Trump and vaccines | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Democrats are attacking former President Trump for rushing the Covid vaccine. What!? Democrats claim the Covid vaccine as their great victory! Now they’re turning on the Covid vaccine? That is incredibly disingenuous.

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Written by Redacted


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  1. I hate when we say it was "Politically Motivated"….We have been called every name in the book like Deplorable, Bigot, Racist, Treasonous….and all we can come up with is "This was politically motivated"????

  2. Trump was responsible for funding and developing Moderna, not Pfizer, not Astrazeneca, not Johnson and Johnson. Biden was the one that promised No mandatory vaccines during the elections, and then did an about face and now wants to go after college students and school age children with mandatory vaccine requirements.

    Trump bypassed the 5 to 12 year safety protocol for vaccine safety, but so did these other companies.AND other Nations across the world.
    This has been a GLOBAL orchestrated effort. Trump as obnoxious as he is, will not be a sufficient scapegoat.

    And the Republicans as a whole in this particular situation, deserve credit for calling out this farce and using the Constitution in courts as a legal defense against this Global tyranny.

  3. The Writing was on the Wall…but Trump fans and Biden fans all had to have the jab. I am so done with political jargon. We need to fire both sides and start over!!

  4. Pr aren't Trump passed ALOT of taxpayer funds to those companies to give them all they needed to move as quickly as possible. The companies were the ones that decided to lie about the clinical trials, and have continued to do so! Those companies wanted all the taxpayers funds they could get their greedy hands on for producing the first vaccine, hell or high water!

  5. 4:35 reason is, truth about un safety of it is coming out and all of them have started to cover their tracks. Now they putting blame on Trump for pushing its release. Doesn't matter, THEY ALL SAID THEY WERE SAFE & EFFECTIVE and criminalized anyone who said other wise.

  6. Like as if Clinton, Bush, and Obama weren't totally cool with mandating unapproved anti-malarial mefloquine for deployed troops in AFG and IRQ. This latest move just tells you the Mar-a-Lago raid yielded nothing.

  7. Blame Fauci, blame FDA, Blame CDC , this v@)( should have been classified as GEN3TIC THERAPY , as thats what it was ! That creates an entire new checklist the CDC has to verify the safety of as well. Trump cut the red tape, and that would have been fine, but everybody in the process after that allowed the safety process to FAIL. I say allowed because I think they knew damn well what they were doing, these people in charge, need to suffer the worst of criminal penalties, you know what I'm sayin people, the worst of criminal penalties,the crime of g3nocid3 level penalties. Think post WW2 trials.

  8. At a recent dr visit, it was noted that i could use a tetanus booster. As I waited in the exam room, I realized how much I distrust the medical establishment and farma… and I changed my mind.

  9. In order to cut through to the truth you first must realize the two political parties at play here are not divided they are writing a script in order to minimize accountability and to further thier agenda regardless of which party is in power this is why they are split down the middle playing good cop bad cop politics while utilizing proven statistical data analyses to accomplish thier goals of a one world government which we have been fore told of in the bible..signed REDACTED.

  10. this was so predicatble

    i vividly remember dec 2020 i had told my family members that i was worried this was a setup to trump – pushing this vaccine through that they knew wasnt effective and dangerous so they could blame him for the damage later

  11. Hey Redacted you should make an interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
    He's the one leading the trials
    Awesome super informed lawyer and a great person

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