Alex Jones Must Pay $45.2 Million To Sandy Hook Parents

A jury in the civil suit against Alex Jones has determined that the online agent provocateur and supplement enthusiast must shell out $45.2 million in damages for the pain and suffering he caused the Sandy Hook families. This outcome arose independent of the widespread deplatforming and censoring that Jones has faced in recent years, and shows that sometimes “the system” DOES work the way it’s supposed to.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss whether this jury decision represents justice being done and shows that censorship is never the answer to “problematic” speech.

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  1. Anyone who has actually looked into Sandy Hook knows what's up. Alex Jones was used as controlled opposition to make anyone questioning what happened a crazy person…No kids died that day and there is 1000% evidence they're still alive

  2. @JimJam … You very likely wouldn't be where you are if it hadn't been for Alex or Icke. Don't encourage public tar & featherings. Legal retaliation over words is as much of a form of censorship / control as anything else.

  3. It always starts with Alex, then moves on to you. I hope you like it when they totally rail road you in court. First the bans then the lawfare. I think it won't be to long before you realize this is like the Julian Assange case. This is not about the families it's Hillary and the establishment revenge before the midterms.

  4. There is a limit on how much the judge can order him to pay and that is les then 45 million. This is fake news that its so high amount to scare people.
    This was a witch hunt trail with a corrupt judge. The truth must be stopped and the resistance must be broken that`s why they are after Alex Jones.
    If they succeed with this scam they can take any one down also Jimmy Dore. The truth is a danger for the crime syndicate that runs america.

  5. Jimmy they will go after you to in the same way. This is a test case to see if they can get away with it. The whole resistance can be taken out of Alex Jones loses this battle.
    You will see if he fails in the appeal they will go after all who is telling the truth about the corruption in the government and mainstream media and agencies and so on.
    Jimmy you could be next.

  6. If you would go back and watch the trial the only thing they found in his phone was a another person saying something about a story about Covid being BS like sandy hook

  7. I lost all faith and confidence in the US Government and the media when 3 skyscrapers was demolished to dust in NY and a false narrative was created to deceive the public and go to war.

  8. Alex was screwed! Alex felt into a diabolically planned cia/high-tec cabal trap! The entire lies/fake-news/hoax story was written and given to him by a "very confidential Source" to start this "deterring" scenario! It was a (Honey-trap) people! Please wake up!! It is just the beginning!! He is lucky that the cabal aren't booking a room next to Julian Assange!!

  9. The Government thinks we the people can't handle the truth. So your Julian Assange , Chelsea Mannings and Edward Snowden's are silenced by any means necessary .

  10. IF the system worked the MSM would have had to pay for their Russian Collusion BS, covering Hunter Biden's Laptop and telling us we NEED to be vaccinated so we don't spread COVID, but here we are.

  11. I get your point, but THIS is NOT an example of the system working. I’ve been following Viva Frei, and the whole default judgement thing is insane. The judge was a complete psycho nut job. This is the worst example of the system working, love AJ or hate him.

  12. If these people actually had standards everyone of these mainstream Medias would been sued into Oblivion just like they're going to Alex Jones and they have done a hell of a lot worse and constantly made false allegations about anyone they disagreed with including damning private citizens so why is it that just Alex Jones is getting hit and not all these other outlets the house constantly lied with impunity it's because Alex Jones calls these people out on their b***** and shows links and evidence as well as interview people that the mainstream wants to ignore because it's about an agenda that the mainstream media is pushing that goes along with what the Democrats want Within their political reasoning

  13. But I agree with the main point that you've been saying is that you don't censor him you penalize them but you don't censor him because one it's against the First Amendment and it's just wrong let alone cinching other people because of the base of the mainstream media and of course silicone which is under the control of the Democrats or vice versa a lot of the struggle of dominance between the two but of course the government has an enormity on violence so I guess that's not even in question

  14. Truth true.
    If you speak against the government you will be targeted if not censorship then by sued into Oblivion any tactics they can do to silence people or even push them over the top for health problems Etc

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