Alex Jones Trial – You Need To Know This

A court has ruled Alex Jones must pay $45 million in punitive damages in the case against him regarding his comments about Sandy Hook. So, what does the case against the Infowars creator and so called conspiracy theorist represent? #alexjones #sandyhook #conspiracy
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. That media and government work together to tell stories is no surprise to me, whatsoever – its always been like that. It use to be just 3 channels, but not there's an infinite number of channels and many of them do the same thing, just not with the government. Jones is just one of many, lying to the people with sickening stories, also designed to divide us. Nothing new with what Jones does here – except that he throws tons of sick ideas at the wall, the fact the a few stick doesn't mean anyone should ever listen to this guy about anything. He will feed you Sandy Hook stories and that's enough to turn him off.

  2. And another thing, and I won't stop saying it: you are an actor and a public speaker: get with your consonants, don't clench your teeth, you need to open them too, not only your mouth.
    Trust me

  3. the very system of narcissism behind politics creates ,surprise surprise, the least accountable, most psychopathic and narcissistic politicians. the very system rewards the traits of pathological lying, personality politics,staged photos,staged ,staged ,staged and with cunning and strategy. lab leak, probably on purpose for population control..well they have been screaming it for years.

  4. Regardless you have the right to question and Alex is not responsible for the views of his listeners. When are the lying main stream media going to be held to account for their lies at least Alex had the balls to say he was wrong many times he said so before this sad excuse of a trial happened

  5. I rarely disagree with you Russell but trying to find gold in the dross that conspiracy-theory-for-grift people like Alex Jones practices makes me skeptical of everything he says. Also, I just can't get past the disgorgement that starts in my stomach whenever I think of the hell and horror he perpetrated on those Sandy Hook families — lower than low. Personally, I don't think we should have to shift through that much garbage to find the occasional kernel of truth or worth-while re-evaluation. There are many better sources for counter-mainstream thought available to us, like Chris Hedges, Edward Snowden, The Majority Report, and yourself, that I don't need to slime my way through someone like Alex Jones' shit to get — yourself, for another example or worthwhile broadcasting. And, I think it bears repeating that AJ only admitted he was wrong about the parents and massacre of Sandy Hook's children and teachers when it only looked like it might reduce his civil liability — hardly laudable. Good to know you're human and occasionally err.

  6. "A juror in the Alex Jones/ Sandy Hook trial asked questions to awitness whether Jones would still be able to fight "the globalists" if he resolved the Sandy Hook issue and if she was a lizard.

    "Will you state under oath that you are not a lizard person who works for the globalists? What is the goal of people who talk about globalist plots?""

  7. Jones was saying Sandy was completely a real hoax and there is proof if you dare dig into the facts. By now though many facts have been buried , censored and cancelled…. imagine that…..if that is what he was really saying?

  8. Alex Jones was correct saying something wasn't right about sandy hook. I know children lost their lives but the videos and a lot of other evidence made me, which I thought Alex Jones was a nut job at the time, seemed very suspicious. I know children died but I don't believe the story as it's propped up.

  9. But were his comments on the s hook really untrue, how do we know? They lie to us about almost everything. Its time we stop playing these games. Its killing our freedom.

    Even so, free speech is under attack. When that goes, we have nothing. Everyone should be able to say what they want, period.

  10. Mmm I wonder if he has a great insurance against this kind of thing?
    I do wonder why certain Politicians are not taken to court and fined for the blatant lies?,Bush and Blair and 500,000 dead Iraqis spring to mind ……

  11. "What creates a conspiracy theory? A lack of transparency." I'm sorry, but Sandy Hook was well known to be the truth. What wasn't transparent? The massacre was verifiably provable. Russell, I'm a fan of your work, but you've conflated "obsfuscating systems" regarding the pandemic with Jones' trial. There is nothing in this trial that is related to any other conspiracy you mentioned. It's a real disservice to blur Sandy Hook and the subsequent defamation trial with anything else.

  12. but rueters pfyzor can lobby for policies that violate the historical science of acquired immunity , ie you catcha a covid strain and now you are immune to that and similars.. like how the cowpox derived vaccine allowed people with functional immune systems to develop immunity to the similar virus small pox, like that really happened. So no there is no immunity except thru pfizhor and if you don't believe fired. That was trauma. one law for ?

  13. Alex jones is a mad man. And his shit with sandy hook, unfortunately there is recourse for words. Nonetheless, let him speak and he HAS BEEN RIGHT about a lot!

  14. i think Alex Johnes was really bad, he did it to make money, and sell bulshit medicine, In this world we do have an actual big problem with conspiricy's and thinking trump would be a solution. is really dumb. beause he was obviously not. They took story's that where true and a real problem and they used it for there own gain. Meanwhile we do have an actual problem. and now we are further away from solving it. He and for example David Icke tell a to strange story, that makes it posible to paint conspiricy theorist as retards. exacly what is happening right now. They make it a joke, and the people follow it. Aldo you are a comedian. i don't think you are doing this. You are working towards a good discord. and looking towards solutions

  15. Alex Jones is one of those gorilla warfare type reporter, that goes under the skin of establishment & 3-letter-unicorn.

    Even though he's crazy nutjob, still important figure, for the crazy times we live in.

  16. Yep I haven’t yet seen the government be held accountable, and go to court, for having lied about those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq — only the biggest and most destructive lie of the previous century and current era.

  17. Alex jones didn’t break any laws, if you dislike that then change the law. if the judge didn’t exclude everything for defense no jury would have convicted.

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