ALEX JONES Was Right?!? (TubCast Clips)

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Written by ShortFatOtaku

Hi, I'm SFO, and on this channel I make political and philosophical content. There's a lot wrong with the world at the moment, and I don't really have any way to affect political change other than making videos on pertinent topics, so I'll do what I can. My political position is a liberal centrist - I believe that free western capitalist democracy is the best political system we have, and that it's under attack from all sides, from SJWs, from religious extremism, from radical feminism, from identitarianism, from both progressivism and regressivism, from extremism from both ends of the political spectrum. If you're expecting me to either be alt-right, or side with social justice, you're going to be very disappointed.


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  1. ‘How do you talk to your conspiracy theorist friends?’
    Like this: Hey man, I’m sorry, you were right about everything

    Also, can’t forget about Alex saying ‘we’re looking at war with Russia in late February’ back in October. The more time goes on, Alex Jones is sounding like that one Adventure Time character who has approximate knowledge on most things

  2. The reality of Alex Jones is that he's not on top of any of this. He's consistently late to the party. We already have all the information about something, Alex gets hold of it, sensationalizes it, and then 'it comes out X years later that Alex was right'. It never actually comes out X years later. It's available before Alex talks about it on his show because he doesn't want to get caught out making something up from whole cloth.

    There's tons of truth and more likely narratives that you've never been exposed to. Unfortunately, the only evidence in favor of these are just that: evidence. There's no authoritative sources, just witness testimony and mountains of physical evidence that's far too hard for most to piece together. So hardly anybody does and those who do often find a scandal so hair-raising that they seem crazy when they expose it.

    But the truth is that there's so much evil backdoor stuff going on all the time and while that general claim is easy to believe, most will never go further and believe in any specifics. So you say Nike is evil, people believe you. You provide your evidence that Nike sells their worker's children into prostitution, nobody believes you. Then they buy more Nikes.

  3. I really like Dev and Lillith but they are ill-informed about Alex Jones' public positions. Jones' never claimed Sandy Hook was fake. His references to 'crisis actors' were about people who were using the Sandy Hook Massacre for there own political purposes, acting if you will. The media took him out of context to de-legitimate him. I have criticisms of Jones but the treatment of him has been very unfair.

  4. I remember the first time I heard Alex's name. I was accused of getting all my news from him, because I disagreed with my then friend's position on some fairly typical political dichotomy. I've always basically come out a libertarian right minute of angle off target of the true centrist bullseye of the political compass. I've probably drifted further down and right since then. Still don't even listen to Jones aside from meme content.

  5. sure there exist crazy conspiracy theories that are flat out wrong, but it's remarkable and brain melting how many are either true or at least have a kernel of truth. if you meet a random normie or npc, how do you even deliver your message? if you have 2-3 minutes to explain something, but you need to unleash hours of connections and background information and references on them, you sure sound like a lunatic because it's so far off from what mainstream reports. all you can realistically do is giving them some food for thought if the mainstream narrative could be wrong, hinting at some contradictions or things they can look into on their own.

  6. What makes you think it's a mistake to call it the New World Order or Great Reset? Do you think these people don't know what they're saying?

    The concept of New World Orders is not a conspiracy. It happens once every century or two. The last New World Order was established in 1944 in Breton Woods New Hampshire and it will happen again when the dollar collapses and a new global reserve currency comes into favor.

  7. People that are hesitant or against aj lways say aj is mostly wrong, however, they only ever point out sandy hooks as their only example. Here is an idea of a future video, dig into aj's past to find out the actual ratio of his correctness to wrongness.

  8. Lillith’s voice sounds like Agnes Depesto from the awesome 80’s TV show Moonlighting. Very cool. The dude that played booger in Animal House played Agnes’s sometimes love interest. Hmmm

  9. Alright, I’m new to these livestreams, so, can anybody explain why the person-who-isn’t-ShortFatOtaku’s voice is so.. off from what I’d expect to be a normal voice?

  10. Not that I think he's right about everything, because he isn't, but I don't agree with the assessment that he's just some "Nostradomus" dude who just makes up and blurts things out into the ether and just so happens to say some correct things. Anybody who's actually gone to the effort of actually listening to him talk for a decent length of time would know that he's actually a very well-learned and well-read individual and very smart. The dude can opine about history and destill complex subjects like few others can. Very rarely I think he's actually just outright incorrect. Usually, whenever he's "wrong," it's not usually because he was wrong about isolated facts or that he was actively trying to mislead anyone. it's usually down to a difference in editorial opinion about one's interpretation of what certain facts mean. I think the biggest barrier to entry is that he speaks for hours at a time in a very stream of consciousness manner, and not everybody can follow people who think and talk that way. Speaking as someone who thinks very much in the same way, I find that people with perhaps lower attention spans and or those who might not have any prior idea of what he's talking about will just be completely lost and unable to follow his train of thought. The guy's animated presentation style is a consequence of the fact that comes from the 90s talk radio style of guys like Bill OReilly. It's not for everyone, and some appear to find it intimidating. Most of what he talks about is just news stories, both national and international, and based on the public statements and published literature of the kind of people he talks about which simply don't get widely discussed in mainstream discussion in the media (for example, like how Klaus Schwab openly discusses his rather dystopian vision of the future in his numerous books that you can purchase but few know even exist). He's not the be-all end-all arbiter of truth, but he's a lot closer to the truth and much better friend of the truth than most establishment media who actively go out of their way to lie to you for political and financial benefit. Unlike a lot of people, he actually tries to give his honest take on things.

    I think there's this ingrained/taught bias that if something sounds wild and crazy, it must be untrue because wild and crazy only happens in movies, when that simply isn't true. It might not be true, but you don't know what you don't know, and people who control "the narrative" appear to have every incentive to lie and are often proven to have lied, so the fact something sounds nuts relative to what we're told to consider normal is irrelevant to whether or not simething is or isn't really true. Personally, the more I learn about how the world actually works, the more I think that reality is far more complex and way more weird than I previously thought, so nothing surprises me anymore.

  11. He is going to be right about the extradimensional clockwork elves on DMT.
    And I almost guarantee he’s going to be the first one to Bone one.

    🐍no step on Snek! 🇺🇸🇭🇰

  12. What an annoying take. Im not really a fan of Alex Jones but idk how you can’t understand why a person like that was created and why he rose to fame. Its not all about “conspiracy theories” because there is actually messed up things happen all over and I feel like people like you think that if you cover your ears and yell “lalalalalala” that its like none of it exists.

    There IS people doing wack evil shit. Ones that are within the “elite” and its a completely common within a Godless empire. The world empire is repeating history, as empires always do. I guess people wont believe that until its collapsing around them. What a shame.

    Edit: its wild to me that everyone’s ideologies revolve around the many different forms of social engineering and political propaganda. Do you truly believe that things like eugenics just stopped happening? The truth does get people riled up but I think the error in many of your ways is that you don’t know history.

  13. 18:17 The wymxn are toxic. Got it, good.
    Seriously, a healthy dose of skepticism with those in power is a standard.
    If you NEED to accept all that the gov-msm machine has to serve you, you're lost in life. Love BB and be happy.

  14. Little known fact about Alex Jones (unless you've listened and watched a lot)…he's a performer who basically agregates news and throws his own slant on it. Which is basically what every newsperson that currently is mainstream ALSO does.

    The difference is Alex Jones is an incredibly charismatic and hilarious performer. And the mainstream is staid, milquetoast yes-people.

  15. Talking about s4nd1 h00k…did any picture/video of any victim, of the shooter, of blood/bodies, of a bullet hole or anything that proves it actually happened ever came out?
    Also there is the bohemian grove, I remember that sounding incredibly crazy until he got tired of people making fun of him and invaded the place and filmed it happening himself.

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