All Art Is Political!

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About The Jimmy Dore Show:
#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. I guess all art is also religious. You're either talking about religion, or you're choosing to not talk about religion, which is a religious decision. Guy making cat video compilations on youtube? RELIGIOUS! It's just that he's fine with the current religious situation, once his nation converts to Scientology, suddenly he's making compilations of cleansing rituals and money extortion plots! It was always religious!

    Yeaaaah, no.

  2. Similar, Justice Stevens wrote, "A refusal to support a cause-by staying home on election day, by refusing to take an oath of allegiance, or by refusing to step forward at an induction center-can express a political opinion as effectively as an affirmative statement or affirmative conduct." When we don't vote, that too can be political expression: the expression often is, I hate BOTH choices! Sometimes, not voting IS complaining. (I get tired of "If you don't vote, you can't complain." uggh Sometimes, people don't vote because they want to complain, "NEITHER of the two parties has earned my vote!")

  3. When you vote for DJT you know what you are getting. With Joe Biden depending on what day, month, year, or century it it’s you get something different every time. He’s like a box of chocolates!

  4. anyone who says, "all X is political" is really just telling everyone that they personally see everything as political. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  5. JIMMY I wish we could all come together. 90% of what U & friends want, so do MANY on "the other side." A few beliefs that keep us separated * important ones tho. Socialism & guns are 2 of them. 75% "right" realizes healthcare is being ROBBED from us. One thing Progressives have helped w/ is understanding WE CAN AFFORD IT, we just can't afford the billions each corrupt politician takes away from us!

  6. "All Art Is Political”
    Must disagree Jimmy.

    Artists, critics and aestheticians throughout history have argued that Art is apolitical: anti-ideology.

    Artistic products and activities in popular-culture are political. But Art with a capital A, is apolitical.

    We must distinguish between “content” and “form”.

    Content reflects the political; lived experience, which is why it has little artistic value.

    Form is constant. It is timeless. Form reveals our aesthetic nature.

  7. Trump is not the problem hes the reason for such a badly run politician office that's so corrupt that both parts are the exact same nd ran by the same funded by the same political people who are all multi millionaire's so your detached about real people…..once again Trump is a symptom and not the problem …the problem is you one Party ie x2 that are both the same…….they complain about each othere but when a 800billion military bl has to be voted on when the Democratic party can say no they all say yes… again the same party the same with Trumpps wall they zll complained but after when it would cost 300million not one Democratic leader said no…!!! Just one more example there all the same party.
    A d if that dont make you belive 5 TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS WAS THE BIGGEST MOVIN HUMAN HISTORY TO TAX PAYERS MONEY THOS MONEY COULD GIVE ALL MEDICAL HEALTH CARE OVER THE PANDEMIC INSTEAD THE MONEY WAS UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED BY BOTH SIDES voted yes not one witch could of stopped this robbery of wealth happen but they are funded by the same petrolium money and the same Pharmaceuticals company big,,big,,money….to the Rich but now the political leaders are all multiple multiple millionaires and genuinely dont care about you as the party's are tboth the same..!! This is why Jimmy Dore Under6like othrybñhhe same its bat all thete two selves it so this will not affect them only the real American people like jimmy says this isnt about the man a key call Donald Trump its about why we ended up
    With Trump and that is to kill the Infection the cancer in the American political parties before we are all slaves already.

  8. ive has this debate with theatre friends. i disagree. a slapstick show doesnt need be political. many forms of art need not be political. today all art is seen as rhetorical and political. because most is. but to say all art is political is incorrect. its an absolute and is incorrect.

  9. the logic here is flawed. jd i like u, but this argument is quite a fallacy. not speaking about an issue, as an artist in a piece, doesnt necc mean its a choice to purposefully avoid issues. it may simply may mean the art u r working on is not rhetorical. its simply beautiful. its simple. its a slapstick performance, a beautiful clown, a dancers elgance and bb players virtuosity as he dunks it, art does NOT need to be rhetorical. it is today because film has become propaganda. standup is more so by nature, and as a recovered standup, most would hold his opinion i know, since its a message based art. but unless u experience other forms of art, u may not realize that some art isnt choosing not to comment on issues, it just is about something other than such and is simply not rhetorical by nature, its not choosing to reject issues, it just is about beauty, funny, simplicity. however sometimes choosing to prefer this kind of art, in an overly political world can be a choice, and a healthy one. standup is great but it does lend one to thinking all art is protest in some way. some art really isnt. we need a wider understanding of what art is. i like political and non. both can be great.

  10. The people's convention already blew a tire, crashed and burned, banning the only climate focused candidate at a time when earth is literally on fire, banning the only candidate pushing for medicare-for-all during a pandemic. THAT is the people's party; just a warm fuzzy version of facism&braindead elites.

  11. Also Jimmy, Art is fundamentally about philosophy, and how the artist sees the world. It is in these demonstrations of ethics and principles that are inherently political. No ideology escapes the political sphere.

    Everyone uas thoughts on it, and it bleeds through everything.

  12. Great art, music and poetry are also politcal. Ferud called our unconscious self the id. The Trumpites are a gang of ids set on destroying the ego; Art tries to fuse the unconscious with the ego to create a new consciousness.