All digital financial system will imprison us all.

With a total digital financial system, they will control every facet of our lives

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  1. She won’t tell you the truth but I will. Most of you will not be around to experience what she is discussing and those of you who are will beg on your hands and knees at the masters feet for it!

  2. People think it’s cool paying with a phone or taping your debit card this generation is being suckered into a digital world once you get rid of cash the banks own you. It’s going too bight us on the arse soon

  3. I still haven't stopped fighting…1997 onwards. Former Royal Australian Navy EW Linguist. This is happening…not gonna…so now we have a choice and it's a cracker….this will show true strength and courage. It's time for civil unrest, it's time the leaders realise they are not in control. Rise against this all like our fallen did for us all. Allowing this to go on is a disgrace and insult to all they died for. I never forget my oath and it's always been for the people. Not the queen and sure as hell not any governing body of zealots. Former Royal Australian Navy EW Linguist.

  4. Never forget, the people that everyone keeps calling "the most powerful ", or "the eletes", are far from it. They are the weakest, most unfit, soft, mentally insecure human beings on the planet. All it takes is for everyone to say no.

  5. They are controlling us and our movements as it is by means of high fuel prices, affordable food and meat and so on. Seeya Rob….high priced everything.

  6. I received my letter from GIO insurance the other day as my rego is due. In the letter it talks about a transition to AI, then it goes further and say's all kinds of spooky things including wanting your facial recognition to insure your car but it makes light of these things.

  7. It is happening here in New Zealand already with paying bills, online banking more and more for this. The banks will close down. Mine here is only open from 10am until 2pm and other Banks have already gone. No paper invoices, statements etc…if you do not have a computer a smart phone or other device then you are basically stuffed…Retail looks at you stupid if you put cash over the counter to pay for anything but it is still legal tender…we will be digital connected to digital whatever…

  8. People don't realise that we are already living in a prison system. We have the perception of freedom, choice and success.
    Unless you belong to the top 1% then you are a slave to the system of the 1%… (99% of corporations are under the umbrellas of a handful of mega-corporations) the masters worked out a long time ago that the slaves are more efficient and compliant if you allow them to choose what work to do.
    When the population started getting out of control they introduced us to illicit drugs (neuro-toxins), put fluoride (neuro-toxin) in our water and started a vaccination program to inject us with more neuro-toxins, to ensure the majority could be easily manipulated by the programming box in the lounge room

  9. A decade ago we were listing to Info Wars Alex Jones and now it is happening. Thank you Graham
    for all the hours of research you do to keep us informed.
    God bless and they do not like us knowing the truth, but we do not all stay in slumber.

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