Alleged FBI Informant Exposed | Daughter of Ray Epps Speaks Out | FULL INTERVIEW

Kyle Clifton interviews alleged FBI informant Ray Epp’s daughter, with the American Populist Union. Ray Epps has been credibly accused by Tucker Carlson, Elijah Schaffer, Julie Kelly, and Darren Beattie at Revolver News of prompting protestors at the January 6th 2021 Capitol Siege to incriminate themselves, and moreover, is believed to have done so as a United States federal agent, informant, and provocateur. In this interview Kyle Clifton sits down to have a dialogue about the type of man Ray Epps is, what it might mean for the investigations and ongoing legal battles around January 6th, and how the United States government and the FBI might have interfered in the events of the January 6th protests to paint a warped narrative they could exploit.

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The American Populist Union is a non-profit organization that advocates for reform from within the conservative movement to put family, tradition, and the common American back at the center of national policy. Unlike the conservative establishment, we recognize that the most important metric in measuring our society’s success is not our GDP or profit margins, but the health of our nation’s families. We are conservatives who stand for the American worker and the American family over the interests of big business and foreign entities.


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  1. PLEASE send this or share this with Tucker Carlson, or someone like him , so it gets national exposure !1People are being treated horribly everyday in the DC jail until this is exposed !!!

  2. IS APU doing anything to support the patriots in the swing states to demand that they do forensic audits of 2020 , like we did here in Arizona ?? those audits are CRITICAL to proving that Biden is ILLEGITIMATE !! we don't have to wait to 2022 or 2024 , the Democrat Treason can be exposed 100% by getting these audits done NOW

  3. What she is describing is normal for LDS families. In fact, it's Church doctrine. This is why the CIA works with them so much. They are a cult with the same protocols for indoctrination/control.

  4. I have never been in the military but it seems odd to me that an 18yo could become a drill sergeant within a span of just 4 years. Aren’t drill sergeants much more experienced than that?

  5. First off, the way he raised her is appropriate in that he kept her from herself and outside corruption. Secondly, LDS, while I do not subscribe to their teachings, are pretty stand up people from my personal experience. Lastly, as a Christian, as she states that she is, she dishonor her father. This is breaking the commandment that forbid this.

    So, while to me, Epps.. is a fucking suspect and we need to arrest and interrogate him about the incitement incidents from J6. Now hey.. feds… When I say "we" I am referring to the sheriff's dept, local law enforcement etc… not you. Why would it be appropriate for you to investigate, you?

  6. Probably got busted for child porn and his plea was to be an informant. It’s what they do. Hell Robert Mueller had one that got caught with child porn and he made him part of the Russia investigation. It’s crazy and it’s what they are in to.

  7. FIrst question that would seem to come to mind would be "How do you know this is Ray Epps' daughter?" Second, assuming arguendo that this is Ray Epps' daughter, how does SHE know whether he works for the FBI or not since she appears to be less than close with her alleged father whom she now appears to be ratting out?

  8. this ray epps stuff , all indications are fbi psyops, this adds to the creditability of fbi operatives amongst us. not too surprising after all this describes known fbi methods and operations employed previously, now turned against american citizens.

  9. Basically everyone involved with right wing politics that is not pro zionist is an FBI agent. Ray Epps is just a scape goat when every other right wing leader including trump called for an insurrection.

  10. My first degree was in Journalism. For someone who is not a journalist, this young man puts the "professional" SARC ones to shame! Way to go, young patriot! Job well done!!!

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