Almost Third of Australians 30 Days Behind on their Mortgage

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Almost Third of Australians 30 Days Behind on their Mortgage.

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  1. With all the OT I've done last year during the pandemic I'm ahead by over 4 months for my mortgage. Doing it alone as well. This year's goal is to try to reach 12 mths ahead- doubt I'll make it but I'll give it a red hot go!

  2. This is why i can not for the life of me understand why there is a sales boom in real estate.All these people that have bought recently in this property boom are commiting financial suicide.If people think this country isnt going back into lockdown they want a house brick to there head.

  3. It’s still going to be fine as people already borrowed to the super max, at the same time the gov n bank can’t afford to have the housing market collapse. They can’t raise interest rate n they must suppress working class wage.

  4. Those figures are shocking. I’m lucky I don’t have a mortgage. I own my house outright. My prediction is that banks will minimize repossessions for a while until one of the banks starts repossessing in a big way while prices are still high. This will start a cascade when other banks do the same trying to repossess and sell before they start losing big time. It will become a fear on not getting out.

  5. Be interesting to know the loan to value ratio in each of those. South east Melbourne in the much cheaper suburbs like pakenham/officer/Cranbourne, I read a scary statistic about how many mortgages are interest only + primary place of residence, so not investment properties. If they’re in arrears with interest only, imagine the bloodbath when principal kicks in aswell