Alt-Tech is Under Siege

Minds and DLive are on notice.

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  1. That "siege" of the capital must have been one of the shortest in history. I thought a siege was a long, drawn out affair which involved restricting people and goods from moving into or out of a place. I must have missed that. Now amassing 25,000 troops in the capital, that sounds like the beginning of a siege.

  2. I don’t use any of it but this is not good and very dangerous that big tech has all this power, they are using the capital as an excuse to destroy competition and the leftist are all nuts to support this.

  3. Yay, I’m so excited to be suppressed by a big government. Ooh, and I can’t wait to get on a bus to go to a concentration camp because I don’t believe in the big government hard enough.

  4. What the fuck?

    You can't tell me that every of those companies are owned by spineless cowards . Like who would give a fuck if their app is being removed from AppStore?

    Just offer an APK on your website . Beeing banned from the PlayStore can be even positive.

    It gives the company a good reputation. (for not bending the knee to the Communists)

    This is the 'Alt Tech's" chance of becoming the big tech. Because our current 'big Tech' is about to kill themselves.

  5. God, the world will suck sometime soon. I hate it here man jesus christ.
    The only silver lining is when companies get rid of the "extremists" and they turn the censorship towards the "good" extremists and I can hear their cries as I sit watch and celebrate.

  6. Maybe we can make programmers brainstorm and we'll make all google services API alternative requests may stay the same, only servers will be decentralized. It is a problem because for decentralized network you need good internet connection and a lot of hard drive space, but it may be necessary. Well see, I guess…

  7. I think the part that really makes me do an ultimatum facepalm is the fact they think that if they censor anyone on the internet, then they have removed those people and ideas from reality… and that censorship won't breed anymore extremism.

  8. When youre tired of being censored for sharing opinions and receiving loads of hate from leftwing based social networking so you make your own and it gets labeled as far right and gets shutdown

  9. Big Tech thinks it's winning, but ultimately it's your countrymen that'll pay the price. Since your government has never and will never do anything about this Cartel in Silicon Valley, the rest of the world will be preparing to legislate against American companies, especially tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook & Twitter. Competition will move to countries that won't give cartels the time of day, hosting companies and servers will move out of the USA, companies will gradually move their servers to non-American hosts, and the jobs will follow.
    You can thank Silicon Valley when this happens.

  10. It's only a matter of time before the people actually start actually getting sick of the things going on.

    Can't wait for the civil wars that big tech is going to eventually make.

  11. I enjoyed internet more when it wasn't as easibly accessible and people took most things as a joke. Google & Amazon being small puppies. It all went downhill so fast.