‘Always be critical’: Barrister Mahmoud Mando

Barrister at law Mahmoud Mando believes that vaccine mandates are immoral and that the Australian spirit of distrusting authority must be protected. He regularly calls for people to remain ‘critical thinkers’ in all matters even when fear and panic take over.

Mahmoud practises from Edmund Barton Chambers, Sydney.

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  1. What I found shocking is how many Australians actually DID "roll over" and blindly follow government rules. The old larrikin spirit seems to have got lost in the outback. I went to my local shopping centre today, and people STILL put on masks the moment they step out of their cars in an open-air car park. Probably a good quarter of the people I encountered in my local Woollies were wearing masks. Australia has become a nation of kowtowers, sadly.

  2. Our government is captured……have a look at the WHO protocols our health minister is signing on our behalf…they are signing our sovereignty away…if the public knew this we would be in the streets hopefully but….. maybe not.

  3. Australuan indifference ? BS
    The 2 years of compliance with govt and corporate mandates and virtue signalling is sooo Australian.
    40 years ago at school anyone who looked different, red hair, accent got treated poorly. Bullying was normal.
    White Australia policy up to 1960s.
    Aboriginal exclusion historically.
    Remember Aust early tv with faked UK accents had no spark of character. Eureka stockade was a breath of liberty that lit a fire throughout Australia but the fire died out.

  4. Everyone needs to stop pushing this idea that Australia is full of rebels and rule breakers. Far far from it… the woke lefties, and tik tok idiots have infested this nation to its core… the worst of us are leading, the best of us are leaving. This country is full of consuming sheep.

    No jab for me and mine. Never will I put that trash in my body. No job, or amount of money can convince me to do so.

  5. how many took the jabs because they were the main bread earner?
    forced, coersed
    unprepared to be cornered
    i know more who took it under coersion or to travel or not to be excluded from society than those who took it for 'health'
    i feel for each and every one under those circumstances
    the wealthy could have sat this one out for a while but not…
    single parents, low income, those elbow deep in debt
    sending love to all especially those in that situation
    many hear you
    many in the same boat

  6. Solomon Asch's conformity experiments are useful to consider in relation to the jab roll-out in Australia regarding the impact of dissenting opinion. The mandates and AHPRA's gagging of doctors were driven by political and social science doctrines, intended to counteract the impact of dissenting opinion on jab uptake. For all intents and purposes; a campaign of mass public manipulation.
    Australians resist appeal to authority, but they also respect the rule of law. This is a fundamental problem with unethical or immoral laws facilitated by emergency powers.

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