Alyssa Farah: Biden Admin LIMITING Red State Access To Potential LIFE-SAVING Covid Treatment

Alyssa Farah details the Biden administration’s recent COVID-19 policy that limits the access some Americans will have to monoclonal antibody treatment.

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  1. Did she leave out or fail to put an emphasis on there are limited supply of monochrono antibodies. So of course the government is not going to let one or two states use up all the supplies. Then what about the rest of the country? Just get vaccinated and the problem is solved.

  2. Calling entire states of 10's of million of citizens Red/Blue is psychotic. American partisans have gone insane. Americans must resist false classifications into fictitious imaginary teams.

  3. Chris Christie and Rudy most likely were treated with monoclonal antibodies as well as neither is the picture of health and yet both faired well with the virus and recovered quickly.

  4. This is in no way about getting people back to work or saving lives or even reducing hospitalization. It's about the money. If it was all about the what is projected then we would want to take all measures to assist in combating the issue and making all information and avenues of treatment open and available. But no the only thing that is pushed is vaccinations why because there are contracts set and projected profits that must be met. These pharmaceutical companies are not just apart of the private sector. They have become apart of our government and are funding it not just through lobbying but by direct funding and they aren't secretive about it its on the FDA website

  5. I live in a red state. Vaccines sent to us expired b/c the Mammon Bundy cult convinced Idahoans that they'd rather die. So maybe this is an "efficiency" issue. Why send aid to Reds who think the vaccine is communism? Those doses could instead go to someone who wants to live.

  6. The government is not for your best interest once we all learned that this country will be a way better place im but im going to leave you with something to think about now almost everybody that used ivermctin that had covid lived to tell the story besides the fabricated stories or the miss informed stories on the news

  7. I remember a commercial about a grandma that told her granddaughter she had covid and the granddaughter told her to hurry and ask her dr for monoclonal antibodies, well that got pulled

  8. The Hill dabbling in thinly vailed conspiracy theories – follow the science is not code for ‘do what your told’, it’s don’t follow the advice of quacks and nut jobs!

  9. Don't forget that fauci and the HHS and the White House are totally negating the immunity Factor when it comes to the millions of people who have already caught covid. A lot of immunologist an epidemiologist are saying it is unethical for somebody who already has antibodies to a disease to get a so-called shot which doesn't prevent the disease at all. Study and study have been done including one study that tested two and a half million people about covid immunity. But fauci and the rest of the lot pretending it doesn't exist because you can't make money off of that

  10. Not surprised at all. Didn’t Pelosi hold the stimulus bill for months for purely political reasons?

    They seem to be willing to do anything to remain in power and punish advertisers

    Then again, I’m looking forward to hearing more actual facts about this

  11. What kind of evil person limits the use of effective treatments in the early stages of covid? I'm ashamed that I voted for Biden. I thought he was a good person and now I see him as evil. Controlling, manipulative and unworthy of trust. Certainly not looking out for the good of humanity.

  12. Ryan's hypocrisy is way too overwhelming! Call this "rationing" out as you're quick to call out other objective ideas and processes that you don't agree to.
    CNN needs to create a position for him- he's been campaigning shamelessly for a radical leftist position in the extreme corrupt media. He needs to be with his type

  13. Biden's government is a fascistic genocidal tyranny. They keep lying, they keep destroying the economy and livelihoods, they indoctrinate children and expose them to predators in the schools and they instated actual Eugenics with their CoViD measures. We need capital punishments for traitor politicians.

  14. I cannot imagine how anyone could still be in denial of what is going on. The only reason why the government leaders would keep changing rules and warnings and mandates is to keep us disoriented so that we do not see what is going on behind the screen.

  15. It's better to send life saving medication to states with less traitors and people who actually want it.. Most red states were mind washed

    Everyone I knew from up north that moved to Florida and got affected & infected, went back up north a few months into the pandemic seeking treatment because hospital were overran

  16. Biden is nothing but a traitor to America. He is committing treason regularly and military should have already removed him. They swore under oath to protect the constitution. Quit being pansies or America will rise up and do your dam job.

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