Alyssa Milano Equates Taking 3 Experimental Jabs to Wearing A Seatbelt



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  1. Ya this whole time all they’ve done is move the goalposts— the vaxx will save u from getting the coof, then it’ll limit ur symptoms so u don’t die, now it’s inevitable if u don’t stay boosted you’ll be unprotected— Do Not Comply

  2. The Dutchman who was an explosive expert testified that the 9_11 was a timed explosion they stated he was not wearing a seat belt! when his car hit a tree-killing him no other car was involved no witnesses.

  3. lol shouldnt laugh, but imagine how they passed alyssa milano around and now she's carrying so much water for her abusers. she was a kid when she was most certainly ravaged and savaged and she's still on their team

  4. Hmm… maybe your triple vaxxed friends who have covid now…..are perhaps proof that the vaccine makes you sick? I don’t know, but I highly doubt a crocheted mask is the answer. Why do actors, think that their opinion is of such great value? She’s a nut job……a complete fool.

  5. Have there been any double blind studies supporting the narrative that the jabs even reduce infection symptoms at this point? I don't know of any. Asking for a friend.

  6. "90% of the people that I know have covid" – It seems that YOU are the common denominator in everyone that you know having COVID.
    Only 5% of the people that I know have it.

  7. One of my prayers for the New Year: Dear Lord, please allow celebrities and athletes to ditch their hubris in 2022 and realize no one gives a shit about their political opinions or viewpoints. Amen.

  8. Wear a mask
    As they're all piled on top of each other in the car. Sure that's working

    How much ya wanna bet they only put that mask on for the photo op
    Like everyone else has been caught doing.
    She must be getting paid to push her masks ads. Lol

  9. Of course
    Any time I try to comment about my aunt passing away. My comments get instantly deleted

    But. Nothing to see here
    No censorship is happening

    Just don't mention anyone dy¡ng from this and you're good

  10. Leftist lunacy on display again from another narcissistic celebrity with delusion of self importance. But lets follow her screeching down another rabbithole. Yes it is like a seat belt, a seatbelt you can never remove. And just like seatbelts, it can kill you. Would you wear a seatbelt you could never remove? No of course not, as it would be as insane as it would be life threatening.
    The last reported number I saw was a 4% chance of death or permanent disability due to complications such as blood clots, permanent heart damage, and various other health issues from the so called 'vaccine'. Which is just another lie told by the media, this is not a true vaccine.
    And what is the risk that the 4% chance PER SHOT is supposed to protect your from? The average recovery rate from Covid is 99.7+% and improving.
    So no shots and a 99.7+% chance to survive, or you take a minimum of 3 separate chances at 4% EACH to be disabled permanently or killed outright by a medication that even the inventor (who is now censored into silence my the media) warned against the widespread use of.

    What was the toll on soccer players this past weekend? 4 newly jabbed professional athletes in excellent health dropped on the field during games, I don't know if they all died this time. Either way it is not a endorsement for the JAB is it?

    Do your own research if you do not believe me.

    Ok I am ready for another false convoluted claim that I am spreading misinformation again. Despite the fact that your 'fact checker' has never once had any proof of your claim, or a definitive example of where I lied at all.

  11. The seat belt law was a test to see how much tyranny the people would take. There was a-lot of push back on the seat belt law but evidently not enough, but it was on the slope of tyranny.

  12. Stupid enough to get the vax and one booster.. SHIT DONT WORK. even with that shit.. I got coof TWICE. ya.. vax dont work. and fk anyone who trys to force me to get another vax. hell no..

  13. Me and my wife both got covid. I was vaccinated and she wasn’t. I had worse symptoms and lasted 2 days longer. My fever was higher and I had a sore throat and she didn’t. I would love to know why. But I am told I don’t need to. Why?

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