Am I Really Seeing…What I Just Saw? You Tell Me…

I really had to do a short piece concerning an actual teacher training video, recently sent to me. I am a father of five, and have stood for science and reality my whole life. Therefore the content was very concerning. Parents should be aware of what is going on and debating it vigorously – and honestly. Truth in science and the general ethics are in the balance…
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Written by Ivor Cummins


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  1. OMG! This is outrageous and WILL have every poor, neglected child who is looking for attention, claiming they are Trans. This is a PLANNED attack on our children.
    Is this because many of the elite like Bill Gates are pals with people like Epstein and they want to train our children to accept PEDO's?

  2. I wish I had this information when I was younger. Biggest regret of my life is transitioning when I was much older. I always knew but I didn't know it was possible. I don't expect anyone without gender dysphoria to understand unfortunately and people are often scared of things they don't understand.

  3. If you born with XX chromosomes instead of XY chromosomes, what does it mean to “feel like a boy.” Have you ever been a boy, to know what it means to feel like a boy? We have insane people in charge. Get rid of the insane people.

  4. When l was a kid l aanted to be a boy because l thought if l was my Dad would love me properly. Hed come back or take me to live with him.
    Im a FEMALE.
    Its incredibly intricately complicated how children try to please their care givers and look for approval, love and praise.

  5. Woah those cartoon characters look like they are being programmed!

    But to be frank it is not surprising this has happened. Ordinary people mock traditional values, God, and no longer have the guts to deal with the root cause of this . The many “ isms” that are born out of western “civilisation” are actually detrimental to humanity.

    Even though everyone here is saying how crazy the world is, still you will look down on a country that does not want your western “value” system. You will be disgusted by people who hold Gods law as authority not man’s law.
    This is why you have totally lost this war . You cannot push back. Maybe just slightly. But it’s only going to get worse. In a year or so we will be wondering how man- boy ( paedophilia ) sex is normalising.
    You can see the beginning of this psychological Training today in kids at pride marches or concerts, drag queen story time, etc.

    Best thing to do is get your kids out of the system. You can’t change it.

  6. I'm sorry, Ivor. This makes me sick. I cannot watch it. This all started with bringing in sex education at school. what is better, incompetent parents or incompetent Teachers? It is quite clear that this is part of an indoctrination programme. Parents should take more interest in the schooling of their children and participate more. All you need is the art and length and mandateated rules of a pandemic to see just how the Government cares for you and your children's Education.

  7. There is an attack on humanity full stop, from what it mean to be a woman to toxic masculinity to teaching kids that gender is fluid and that its ok for a boy to be a girl & vica versa. I used to think that this was all part of the transhumanism agenda ( long term it probably is) but there is another sinister agenda at play happening under people's noses and most are oblivious to what's happening follow the money and it all makes sense. For every child who undergoes a gender reassignment sugery the hospital gets 70k plus the cost of puberty blockers can amount to over 1million dollars per child there are now numerous hospitals in America providing such sugerys. Would it sound conspitorial to say that big pharma is funding organisations, institutions media etc to socially engineer the general publics attitude to this subject. It's obvious to anyone with even half a brain that this isn't a grass roots movement its being rammed down our throats 24/7 and the propaganda is coming from all angles. The trans community make up.only a tiny percent of 1 percent so how come this issue is given so.much airtime and we can't even questions anything due to cancel culture.

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