Amazing Hypocrite (Amazing Atheist Meme)

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I debunk Amazing Atheists statements in this video:

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Written by Mr. Dapperton


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  1. That's called the ministry of truth.
    You never read 1984 did you? oh that's right you don't read.
    You acquired all your knowledge by divine intervention.
    You don't believe in God
    You're the regressive left

  2. Wtf is wrong with this guy? Scientists can just as easily fall prey to corruption and it's not like they are always correct. Most peer reviewed studies are later proven to be false. Science and data also change… Sigh he is just another tyrant.

  3. So if a group of scientists came together (as they did) and argued that Einsteins theory of special relativity was wrong and socially deleterious, he shouldn't be allowed to promulgate it.

    Yeah, no, that's really awful.

  4. So yeah even if Amazing Atheist supports a different form of censorship than the MPAA it's still censorship and thus wrong.

    Also Daps can you repost that video where you parody Steve Shives? The one where you constantly change the camera shots, wear a cap like him, and mention you hate Nazis?

  5. Those two scenarios are different and you know it.

    Now, jumbled thoughts:

    1) In ANCAPistan businesses that would give indication about age of consumption and material in the product would spontaneously generate because there's a market for them, not counting the fact that the creators of that product may rate it themselves.

    2) I understand his point about "the ministry of truth", it's a desire born out of frustration.
    The fact is that no person can decide what is true, only science can, so using an autoritarian organ would not help at all.

    3) No, one is not "free to believe whatever they want", because belief informs action. Are the T*l*b*n (sorry for writing like this, but YT has taken an habit to automatically delete comments without asking) free to believe what they want? NO! Their belief inform actions that break the N.A.P.!

    4) TJ (don't remember where and when I heard that he's called like that, whatever) is wrong in both cases: altho it's true that an organ appointed by any government is an instrument of control both "age restriction labels" and "no, this is how the world works" entities are indispensable to humanity.


  6. I'm so goddamn tired of these atheist who think they're top intellectuals just because they saw through one of the big religions in their country, while not seeing through the largest religion of all time: The need for government.

  7. Spreading coronavirus violates the non-aggression principle. If i actually believed the non-aggression principle wasn't just a spook, i would be very mad about it.

  8. He has a problem with the MPAA which is voluntary and doesn’t actually censor anything, and just gives ratings to movies so parents know what is age appropriate for their children… but he wants a government enforced Ministry of Truth to use “any means necessary” to censor people for opinions.

    It’s literally as stupid as saying “I think charity is evil. I am willing to die to stop charity.” and years later suggesting that the government should steal people’s money by force and give it away. Or saying “Consenting adults having sex is evil. What we need is a government agency that goes around raping people.”

    This is also typical of atheists… they’ve made government their god, science their gospel and scientists their ministers. Scientists are human, and they are just as corruptible as anyone else. And data is very easily manipulated. You may get non-partisan scientists, but the fact is that their position in the Ministry of Truth as well as their paychecks will be coming directly from the government. Are they going to bite the hand that feeds them? Or are they going to push whatever narrative the government wants pushed in order to consolidate power? It’s an easy answer; the scientists will push whatever narrative the government wants so they can keep collecting paychecks.

    But people like Kirk are willingly ignorant of this problem because they have incredible faith in so-called science. This is pretty much why there’s always a trend to the left in government; right-wingers are elected to government in order to reduce government power and control. But who on earth is going to work so hard to reduce their own power and control? There’s a trend to the left because it doesn’t happen; people that seek government positions want power and they’re not going to get into power just to minimize their own influence.

  9. Those scientists man, Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, spraying with DDT and dropping Agent Orange on soldiers, and don't forget that Gulf War Syndrome from experimental vaxx. Those experts, so cool. Who would ever question?

  10. Uve been on this beef for 2 months and literally just attack other youtubers like can't argue with a lot of what u say but God damn man its not so simple ur literally the same as atheist objectively

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