Amazing True Story: The Actual Origins of Lockdown ‘Science’ !

This one is a killer resource – absolutely factual and so important to share.
Did you know that there is a compelling/riveting history that led directly to the Lockdowns in 2020? I bet you don’t know the half of it! Here using published data and mainstream investigative reports, I explain the “root cause diagram” for the origins of Lockdown ‘science’ – a fascinating history indeed! (see my referenced articles and paper at end of this description below)

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My draft summary with references, on Lockdown evidence base:
Also the two articles referenced here: and

Written by Ivor Cummins


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  1. 15:20 Re: Event 201 and "the usual suspects" – the entire world was gobsmacked looking at the dystopian nightmare here in Australia, unable to fathom how things got so bad. Here's a clue: the top bureaucrat ("public servant") who was placed at the head of Australia's entire COVID policy response was an individual named "Jane Halton". Anyone want to guess where else you might see that particular name show up??

  2. Thank you for showing us the origin. Instinctively the lockdown efficacy seemed very inconsistent here in the US. Necessary workers like Home Depot & Lowes stayed opened. While smaller independent businesses ie: hardware stores closed. It simply made no sense. Employees alone at big box stores here is 25-30 employees just to open.

  3. One ☝️ Word for All those people in power “SWEDEN”. Thanks 🙏 Ivor for continuing to tell us the Truth and for making it understandable for us mere mortals, blessings and prayers to everyone on this journey, Namaste 🙏

  4. I hope 🤞 Reiner Füellmich has received this information ℹ️, it would be another nail in the coffin of all those who are complicit in perpetrating this atrocity, known as Covid19(SARS-Cov2) against the peoples of the World, the repercussions are and will be felt for years to come. Shame on those who knowingly committed Crimes Against Humanity, and thank you 🙏 Ivor for highlighting these events and making it easy to understand what was done and how they did it and the main players involved

  5. Hi Ivor, you’ve been such a beacon since lockdown madness. I thank you for exposing so many lies, hypocrisy and core corruption at the heart of those driving the agenda.
    To fully see this thing turned over, fully debunked and exposed, I’d like to know you are fully considering the exposé of germ theory itself, virology in particular.
    Even the mighty Dr Mike Yeadon former VP of Pfizer for 20 years and Head of Science and International R&D and another beacon of light throughout, has finally come around and started that viruses do not actually exist, certainly in any way virology claims that they do.
    Dr Stephan Lanka has actually proven this.
    The scientific approach is to look at the evidence. I’d urge you to do this. See Virus Mania for a superb breakdown of the evidence with full references.
    Love and Light to you and all of us fortunate to have taken heart from your fantastic videos

  6. Thanks Ivor, I hope your hard work in uncovering the truth behind lockdown plans is used in court by Reiner Fuelmich's corona committee or similar to prevent anything like it ever happening again!!. I am a key worker and only tested pos for CV in April this year, had no symptoms at all and the only thing I am affected by is the scam of the virus, the lies and massive impact it's had on mental health, and the devastation to human life that the vax has caused.
    So thanks again Ivor, you're a saint. 🙏❤️Xx

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