Amazon Union Organizer Goes On Tucker & Sh*tlib Brains Explode!

Amazon union organizer Christian Smalls appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program to discuss his recent success winning a pro-union vote at the online retailer’s Staten Island warehouse. Not everyone was happy about the interview, with noted liberals insisting that Carlson is such a repulsive figure that no amount of publicity to the unionizing efforts is worth making an appearance on his program.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss why Smalls is right to ignore the wailing from the liberal commentariat.

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  1. Once the big hitters get serious and sic the dogs on this sly featherweight with his over abundance of low cunning he's history. They'll easily break him in two. His 15 minutes are just about up. Maybe he'll learn how to dress like a man in the meantime.

  2. I am a Trump Supporter who loves your show. We obviously dont agree on everything but I find you to be intellectually honest most days and I find we are against many of the same things. I am for unions when the workers are independent and not under the same roof like the auto workers, who spend money against the interests of 2/3s of their ppl and get so big that these companies teeter on bankruptcy at almost every market down turn. That said, Amazon is a very strong company that works many of their workers very hard. a union will help balance that out. but in 20 years, the unions will be so strong they will continue to threaten the viability of any company.

  3. That Media Matters isn't just salty over Christian Smalls appearing on Tucker Carlson, he's also throwing a tantrum because Smalls wasn't flattering toward AOC or any of the other politician frauds who failed to show up and support the union. That was perhaps the biggest sin Smalls committed – god forbid AOC doesn't appear as some sort of savior.

  4. Face it Jimmy, Amazon has single handedly done more for unionism than any grass roots movement ever could. People will not vote a union in until they have to pee in a bottle or get fired by an algorithm.

  5. AOC is not for The People, she exposed her hypocrisy same as the others. Those union members need to remember the politicians who turned their backs on them at election time. If Amazon gets unionized I may actually use their service again. Ditched them 3 yrs ago, never looked back.

  6. I stand corrected they they didn't complain. But it did convince some people on the right to move left on healthcare. When a logical argument is made, you can move people to your position.

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