Amber Heard ATTACKS YouTubers in COURT!

Amber Heard ATTACKS YouTubers in COURT including That Umbrella guy, incredibly average, and the real Laura B.

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  1. Now, tipster Mikey Sutton claims that Warner Bros. are of a similar belief when it comes to the relentless desire from various corners of the internet to see see Heard booted from her role as Mera in Aquaman 2, and they have no intention of asking her to step down just because Johnny Depp has been trending at various points over the last couple of weeks. “They see it no differently than the boycott of Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel film, which proved to be ineffective as it brought in over a billion to Disney,” says Sutton. “They believe it’s artificially inflated and most likely politically motivated. They don’t base their decisions on web chatter.”

  2. You know when a person is a loser, has to blame others for what she does herself, if its crap ah, you put it out there for everyone to read, maybe ah should of taken jds advice from the start, dosent look good ah, losing your mind over the fact you dont have control over what people think or find, hoax is the word ah is mad about.

  3. The walls are closing in on her & she doesn't like the feeling, so given her volatile, vindictive, spoiled brat nature, she tries to attack & destroy anyone daring enough to talk about her case. Since she is a pubic figure, this ordeal is of great public interest, whether she likes it or not. The records are also legally obtainable PUBLIC documents on file with the court, which literally anyone can access online or at the courthouse. We all do have freedom of speech rights in America also, so going after YouTubers who talk about her case & the documents that have been filed isn't one I expect she can win, so she's just wasting her money on more lawyer fees. She's swimming against the current in a lightening storm with this one. What the heck did she expect would happen after every despicable, devious thing she did? Unicorns and rainbows? Especially after all her extremely malicious attempts to destroy JD's career & his entire life. We all heard the tapes of her abusing & gaslighting Johnny. Did she really think that the public adored her so much we'd overlook her cruelty & malice toward someone we all care about? She's sabotaged her own self & now must face any consequences coming her way.

  4. The end point of what she’s trying to make is trying to get the court to think that Johnny Depp is this huge mastermind puppet master of everyone in the world and all the bots that’s why she has his counterclaim going did he’s trying to snuff out. She has no evidence.

  5. Her employers(Not just WB) should have suspended or cut ties with her due to this nightmare of a situation. This is now affecting other people's lives. Not sure if this was the reason the movie was pushed back or not? Too much drama. These companies must see some financial benefit to keeping her around. This also seems to be an example of someone getting ahead based on looks. I can't wait until this is over. Just my thoughts and opinions.

  6. Wow, Ms. Turd is grasping at air at this point, isn't she? She knows she's going to lose her weak case and confronted with her lies by the great Kathleen Zellner. She's dug her own hole, and now we just get the popcorn out and enjoy her inevitable downfall.😉

  7. From my perspective AH is attempting to try what WOCB did in the Tati case. Bringing YouTubers and Twitter accounts is meant to be a distraction more than anything. "SEE! I'm not crazy that are harassing me!" Like nope, you still crazy and none of the 3 people named dropped are harassing you, AH. If anything those three are getting harassed, Tug and his daughter (a minor) have been told to d.i.e, one of the emails Tug received said they were calling SWAT; not to mention people threatening his comic release and they have called his local police and made false reports. Yeah, this is actually harassment; reporting of facts and public court documents is not harassment.

  8. Those accounts are the most successful at spearheading getting the truth out there. Others use them as source material and spread the word. Andy is still effective as well. I follow several Utubers who have filed papers of AW and they go through them on line. The papers have AW in big pink letters across every page so the source is clear.
    I think what you the others do is amazing. Thank you.

  9. well… if thee is a good thing in this, is that maybe incredbly avarage come ut of the hole he is hiding now to do another video… kus damn it has been a fucking long time…

  10. Really when she filed a restraining order and then went to the Sun or the sun went to her she opened a can of worms and due to everything being brought into evidence made it public knowledge when it hit the courts. A h also made video & or audio tapes including the one she she made in the hotel room without Johnny Depp's knowledge when she was asking him to hug her and to climb into bed with her I don't know how that tape came to be but that was her tape and it is in public now. Not really I'm not really sure but I think I heard Amber Heard first accused of dogs of doing a poo in their bed. Then I believe I heard she said that she did it but it was only a harmless prank do not quote me but this is what I believe she said allegedly.

  11. So that would mean the court documents are smearing her because TUG is reading court documents lol also the newspapers so she should sue them, it’s not the Youtubers making this stuff up, they are only reading court documents and articles and audios where the only one doing the smearing is her to herself.

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