Amber Heard BLAMES Johnny Depp for Bed Incident! Plus: Johnny Depp’s Video Reaction to it!

Amber Heard BLAMES Johnny Depp for Bed Incident! Plus: Johnny Depp’s Video Reaction to it!

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  1. For those interested I'll have a Star Wars video out this time tomorrow along with the Depp case coverage and a video on Johnny's bodyguard and whatever else I can work in! Busy work month… very irritating! Appreciate the support will answer comments tomorrow morning Tokyo time!

  2. "Amber Heard Italia Fans" is a well known site to those of us who have carefully followed this case from the beginning. Hardcore cyber-bullies who are inclined to make death threats to anyone who disagrees with them. They fabricate excuse after excuse, and communicate with a deficit of language skills that I have only seen Ms. Heard, herself, replicate. AFTER the assault by Ms. Heard upon Mr. Depp following her 30th birthday party on April 22nd, it is well documented that Mr. Depp immediately left the penthouse apartment, not to return until May 21st, when he informed Ms. Heard that he was filing for divorce. The Housekeeper discovered the excrement in Amber and Johnny's bed on April 23rd– AND A PHOTOGRAPH THAT CONNECTS MS. HEARD TO THE INCIDENT. This is the photograph that Mr. Depp presented to the Divorce Judge with the condition that only the lawyers involved and the Judge would see it, as he felt it would damage Ms. Heard's reputation. If you go back to 2016, this "photograph" was speculated about in the media, but the only information released about it was that the Housekeeper Hilda Vargas had found it, and spoke to Mr. Depp about it. Ms. Heard later informed the housekeeper that there was no feces in the bed, which Ms. Vargas refuted. So according to Ms. Heard, there was no feces in the bed, it was the dog's feces in the bed, the feces in the bed was a harmless prank, and now Mr. Depp is responsible for the feces…even though there is documentation that he was not there. It CANNOT be contested that Mr. Depp presented the photograph to the Divorce Judge as his reason for divorcing Ms. Heard. As the footage in the elevator is date stamped May 21, 2016–we know that Ms. Vargas had given Mr. Depp the evidence before that night, and that he had already decided to divorce Ms. Heard. He may have been explaining it to the guards in the elevator, as they are either arriving to inform Ms. Heard of the Divorce, or leaving after Ms. Heard and Raquel Pennington and iO Tillett Wright attempted to frame Mr. Depp for assault.

  3. It’s JD and Jerry Judge (blue shirt) his long term bodyguard. Jerry is saying I know at one point. To whatever JD stated. I think the other person is Stephen his assistant. JD is pretty pissed. As for credibility left…

  4. How is this video, evidence for the Sun? All it shows is he was hot & had to take his jacket off & was fidgeting on an elevator. How is this proof of anything? They must be getting desperate.

  5. Anyone who does that is seriously mentally ill. There’s a well known correlation between mental heath / emotional disorders and “ shit play “. It is something psychologists are familiar with. The woman should be in a straight jacket ?

  6. She did it. She pooped in the bed! Those grown men in the elevator witnessed the insanity. They look like their minds were blown! She’s grabbing straws changing the story now. Women are supposed to be clean. If she wasn’t vindictive, she would have grabbed some toilet paper and flushed the turd down the toilet. Not let it sit there to be soaked up by the mattress. She was at war with JD!!!

  7. Whenever ive had an argument with my husband, ive never once thought ' i know what I'll do for a harmless prank – I'll dump a turd parcel on his side of the bed for a laugh' WHO THE HELL DOES!!!!!

  8. You know "that guy" with bvb the white hair is Jerry Judge. He was JDs head of security since, I think the JumpStreet days. You can see Jerry in videos of JD visiting fans waaay back when he was just a kid. Jerry was Johnny's good friend for decades and probably his head of security for about as long. In videos of Johnny with fans, Jerry is the ONLY one to ever put a hand on Johnny to move him along. In some cases, he has to bear hig Johnny and push or pull him through a crowd. Jerry passed away from cancer in 2019. But, happily he can still help Johnny because he I is prominent in the audio of the night of the Vodka bottle/finger incident. Pretty much everything Jerry says in conversations to others is very important regarding the whole situation. (And don't forget, he didn't know he was being recorded. So, it's all REAL.)
    I believe these are the two bodyguards that Johnny brought w iui th him the night of the "phone hurling incident". Two bodyguards he should not have HAD to bring with him. But, thought he should……just in case. What a horrible life to have to lead to live like that. So, glad he had brought them with that night though.

    I can not wait th to hear how amber behaves with all that anger in (Johnny's words) ……" that little box", testifying. She has no control. I wish we could make a pool on what she will throw first and at whom?!! lol

    I know it's not funny. But, we gotta lighten up somehow.

  9. First she said the dog must have done it , then she said it was just a harmless prank , now she will blame Johnny because that it what a sick disturbed , psychologically messed up , mental blood sucking leech will do .