Amber Heard Defense Team QUITS! Emilia Clarke as MERA in Aquaman 2?!

Amber Heard’s legal defense team has apparently bailed on her! And fans petition for Emilia Clarke to take over as Mera in Aquaman 2?!

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  1. at least during ww3 she will get justice, i hope smart people who get to her will take a long time to play with her even for weeks

  2. What does any of this have to with her acting ability? She was great in Aquaman. I think she's really hot. I hate when personal crap affects someone's career like poor Kevin Spacey.

  3. the petition is at almost 500k now. i dont follow celebs but this hole amber heard vs johnny depp stuff is crazy and she has to get what she deserves.

  4. Better fits for the role as Mera: Emilia Clarke – Deborah Ann Woll – Teresa Palmer – Sophie Turner – Amanda Seyfied ALL OF THEM are a better fit, and also seems like good people besides being talented actresses!!! Oh and I like the Lili Reinhard suggestion as well!!

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  6. Heard's hair coloring commercial still plays on TV and I started seeing Johnny's commercial for Macy's, promoting Sauvage cologne, back on TV, too. So, could we take this as a good omen that Johnny's reputation is getting back on track with advertisers? On the other hand, why is Amber still on??

  7. Emilia Clarke looks so much better as Mera, she looks like a much stronger Mera, the way Mera suppose to look. And even before knowing Amber Heard's abusive ways against Johnny Depp, I always thought Amber Heard's acting and the way she put Mera down was weak

  8. As a lawyer myself, there are few reasons why we discharge ourselves from a case. Among others:
    1) Client is no longer able to pay the legal fees; and/or
    2) Client is difficult to work with.
    Pretty sure as a hollywood actress, she had no problem to pay the fees. The latter is more likely what happened.