Amber Heard DEMANDS Depp SUPPORTER Info! Depp FIGHTS BACK against it!

Amber Heard DEMANDS Depp SUPPORTER Info! Depp FIGHTS BACK against it!

Heard is actively HUNTING Depp Supporters; in this video I note that, rules on this, and how to FIGHT!


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  1. Hey amber ill save you trouble and money. my name is Joseph Kerr, I live in Kansas city Missouri USA and I signed the petition to fire you. I am a real person with no ties to depp other than being a fan of Sweeney Todd and Edward scissorhands and will love to talk to you about the matter if you wish. Hmu on twitter @ttvjoekerr <3

  2. I saw a comment from mygrindelwald somewhere under a video about this, saying he was quite happy, because he gained new followers because of it! But this was when the bot document was filed. Did he shut down since then? I hope not…

  3. What kills me is, does she even know she is not MADUSA? She demands ? What a joke. There are millions. They' re. all over the world. Good luck with that you evil fool.and it just evokes more reasons to pound the miserable little serpent till she quites striking out. She has DIFFENATLY moved on. LOL ?

  4. I'm here ! 45 minutes from Austin ! & I have family in Austin ! & I lived in Johnnys hometown. & I'm "connected"! Step up Bitch ! ?I'm on Twitter & I support Johnny ?

  5. LMAO shall we all go after her fan accounts then? She's absolutely mad. She can't understand that the people LOVE and adore Johnny Depp, and have done for the better part of about 40 years! She's backed into a wall because she thought this was an easy win and no one would question her because she's a woman and no one would believe him because he is a man, and She can't understand that HE is the celebrity, no one knows who she is. Of course his IG account accumulated over 1M followers within the first hour, Jennifer Aniston gained like 15M within the first day her account was opened. She's so desperate to hold onto a power she lost when SHE let this get out of hand. He tried to have her take this out of the public eye, he tried to reason with her, he tried to work with her, and she spat in his face and she's been losing ever since. There is no way she is going to win this case, and she's sweating bullets trying to scavenge for scraps to try and hurt a man who never wronged her. This judge is not stupid, and it will be an easy win for Johnny.

  6. I don't see why a court would grant that. Those accounts are not parties to the case, they hold no information relevant to the case.. it's, at best, a fishing expedition, at worse, it's leveraging the court to threaten complete outsiders. Someone should file an anti-SLAPP on her skank ass.

  7. Does all of what she’s doing like trying to silence people just take up more of her money by using legal time? Because if so I’m glad that she’s throwing away more money with the fact that ambers return as mera is looking wonky

  8. It wouldn't have even had to go this far if she just left him alone instead of being a vengeful bch. So much wasted time and resources

  9. Does she really believe people across the country, in other countries, are gonna actually be subpoenaed? Or literally show up? She’s beyond crazy! Thinking she’s some kind of goddess!

  10. she will try and sue the judge when she loses , she cant handle the truth , she is delusional thinking people believe her , the whole world sees her now for what she really is and she still cant accept it , deflecting yet again. she is so predictable now.

  11. Hey, A.Turd! If you or your cronies see this comment just try to come at me. I am set and ready to phone my own solicitor if you do. I'm not afraid of sociopaths or sycophants.

  12. This whole case should have been & out of the courts within a month. The idea of speedy justice has lost out to headline grabbing judges & lawyers who , for some reason , think they're fucking celebrities.