Amber Heard & Friends: Constant Contradictions! With Friends Like These…

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Hey everyone! Welcome back! This video is my take, my break, my analysis of the recent story of a second (mystery) 911 call about the abuse allegations made by Amber Heard against Johnny Depp.

I also present new evidence, testimony, and shocking new revelations concerning Amber’s friends!

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Amber admits to abusing Johnny:

Daily Mail article about the 911 call:


  1. The audacity of abusers is beyond me…. to feel so entitled that you have a right to destroy someone’s life because you feel like it? You ain’t god!

  2. She might as well have said so my friend called me and told me to call 911 for no reason and I want to remain anonymous because I know this is all bull shit but we need a record of the police being called at some point so when she try’s to go to court we have some sort of evidence

  3. 'Who is it?'
    'It's a man.'
    How come during the audios AH does not mention 'You broke my nose, blacked both my eyes, split my lip and pulled my hair'? Conversely she admits to 'hitting' him and throwing stuff at him. Nowhere does she say anything about his 'violence' as far as I have heard. She has some very dubious 'friends'.

  4. I’m obsessed now with this whole case. I never believed a word of it from the beginning. Thanks for showing the world the truth & giving Johnny the justice he deserves. Let’s hope she gets locked up with her whole ‘team’ for perjury. Also I NEVER want to see her speak at any domestic abuse rally or any cheap rag magazine about being a ‘victim’ ever again…it’s insulting to true abuse victims, especially Johnny! Keep up with the fantastic videos. Truth will sometimes only out with people like you on the case

  5. Has anyone yet noticed that Amber Heard stating that Johnny Depp wound up his arm like a baseball pitcher to throw a front of her strongly resembles the argument made by Jodi Arias at her murder trial, and that Travis Alexander wound up his arm like a baseball picture when supposedly attacking her? Apparently narcissistic and violent women use the same descriptors

  6. these clowns cannot get their stories straight about the simplest detail (a 911 call) of their hoax, and we're supposed to trust them with serious domestic violence allegations?

  7. 14:03 I just rewatched Melissa Benoist's video about having been in an abusive relationship with her husband at the time, and he threw a phone to her face. She talks about her injuries in detail. The phone broke her nose, tore her iris, and she ended up with a terribly swollen eye and blood everywhere… And Amber didn't have ANYTHING, except for some blueish (makeup imo) marks near her eye?? YEAH RIGHT