Amber Heard Never Before Seen 2016 Testimony! Uncut Volume 1 (Parts 1 & 2) #johnnydepp #amberheard

As Jax (Movie Myths and Monsters) and I roll out Amber Heard’s 2016 deposition in parts in “LIVE” presentations, I’ll be releasing the testimony in Volumes.

These volumes will take the testimony we discuss in the lives and present it to you, uncut, uninterrupted, and full screen HD…without our mugs on the screen as well.

This is Volume 1. It combines the testimony discussed in Parts 1 & 2. There is a brief introduction commentary that I believe to be very informative. Testimony starts at 2:04.

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  1. BRIAN and JAX, i hope you get to read this.

    Thank you for all the hard work AND dedication you put into THIS HUGE ENDEAVOUR!!
    Because of you, and TUG, and Laura, the whole world had, and still has, the chance to see the REAL AH —- the TRUE MONSTER THAT SHE WAS AND IS!

    Even without monetary compensation, even with all the hate thrown your way, even with vitriol left and right, EVEN WITH THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA THROWING SHADE at you (AND at us people who believed in JD)…..STILL you pushed and pushed FOR THE TRUTH TO COME OUT….FOR JUSTICE FOR THE REAL DV VICTIM….FOR INADVERTENTLY FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT FOR THE DV VICTIMS who are SCARED to speak out.

    Hope you continue with this and we’ll be here to back you up even if with only likes, and subscribe, and share coz we’re on the other side of the world.

    God bless you all.
    Stay safe.
    Be healthy…hydrate.
    Keep calm and wise.


  2. Brian your the bomb love you and Jax so glad your back …also rewatching her testimony while watching your videos you guys are amazing 💗

  3. Amber automatically starts to imitate this woman’s energy trying to be calm and collected yet smug all at the same time. Her smugness I’m this video is ridiculous. Dr. curry nailed the diagnosis for this psychopath

  4. Amber either whispers stuff or smirks or makes the words more firm in the wrong places if that makes sense? But dang. When she whispers stuff, leaning forward as she does or just normal like at 8:408:48 for instance? Its creepy as hell! Thank you guys – you're legends!

  5. This is a great idea. You’re very generous. I really like your edits and art. I enjoy the commentary videos very much and hope there is more of it. Commentary and reactions have been very helpful in putting all this into context, as well as making this difficult content palatable because of how you, Brian, and JAX interact. So funny when JAX says ‘Ridiculous.’ 😂

  6. Hey Brian! Thanks so much for bringing this content to us. Especially when you go through the painstaking process to subtitle the covert recordings with what is being said & who is saying it. 🎯

  7. You’re an awesome guy Brian!! It was your channel and TUG’s channel that opened my eyes before the Virginia trial!! Important work you both did and are still doing!! Women like Amber are running WILD with falsely accusing men and have been getting away with it for far to long!! I believe evidence not allegations!! Thank you for all your hard work in exposing a false accuser who is the real abuser!! She is dangerous!!

  8. If the Juror's saw this , if this is what was only presented in this trial , & all your commentary on this case, it's obvious a No brainer , that this crazy heartless lying selfish cruel greedy individual is GUILTY, Karma finally paid her a visit , I hope she follows her around for A long time, she deserves all she gets & that's nothing, I hve no respect for a Man or a Woman to make such false accusations horrific allegations that clearly in this case were Not true, what she did to a Great Actor/ Artist/Producer /Performer is one selfish horrible heartless person, After decades of his great career she totally planned this out, not to good of a job cause she did , her one lil lie , spiraled into more as years went by, sorry this is a pure evil heartless individual, Thanks for such great content *proof, great clear concrete evidence , on this case, you totally put it all together in such a professional , in depth way!!! Awesome job, Incredibly done…💯 If only our mainstream media brought facts & went by truth, like this , this world, would not be such a divided place!!!

  9. Thanks Brian, I saw your original videos/audio years ago, and I knew Amber was the one at fault then, unfortunately more people didn't see them until now, but I hope it just goes to show that the jury got it right, and Amber is the person who should have been held accountable. Thank you for spending your time to help people realize who she really is and what she's done to not just Depp, but many people, including her own sister.

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