Amber Heard NEWEST ATTACK ON ME sees The Washington Post WRECKED – AGAIN!


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  1. @That Umbrella Guy Misogyny, really? Obviously Taylor Lorentz has never watched your videos nor has she properly researched you or your channel. TUG is not a misogynistic, he is against lying and manipulation regardless of the person’s gender. IMO, this reporter sounds more like a PR representative doing damage control or a columnist. The Washington Post was considered a reputable source of news, however the Amber Heard op-Ed damaged their reputation and questioned their integrity.

  2. turd was guilty of defamation and she ruined her own life. anything people say against her is pretty much protected speech at this point. threats from turds pathetic pr team is not protected. I'd watch it.

  3. Taylor's larenz is such a freak. This woman hates men. The video of her doing an interview and crying was just beyond ridiculous, she is NOT a credible person at all. All she does us lie like AH. She is garbage just like the rest. Keep up the good work TuG you do a fantastic job and We the people Appreciate you. Stay safe.

  4. As a woman with actual PTSD, I fully support TUG, Popcorned Planet, Laura B, all the internet journalist who fight and stand for the truth and want REAL justice for REAL victims against the REAL abusers. Taylor is as much of a fraud as Amber it seems.

  5. Oh please let us know when that article is published. I am a wapo subscriber and I will definitely be making some comments. As a female subscriber of you I would not be here daily if you did not tell the truth with receipts.

  6. Another attack from the lunatic left. Imagine the internet went offline for a few months and the liberals didnt have a keyboard to hide behind and attack from? It would be quiet bliss,since they are devoid of any backbone. Fight on TUG

  7. I love your channel Tug! AND I would NEVER follow a misogynist YouTube channel ever!
    I used to follow a couple channels that were following the Johnny/AH trial. I dropped them due to misogynistic leaning talk.
    I have stuck with you through it all. Tug you talk about SO MUCH MORE than AH thank God!
    That's why I am here! How else would we know about Ezra, Shia and other facades. You are also witty. ✌

  8. Taylor Lorenz publicity exposing herself with her narrative. It’s always sweeter when someone wrecks themselves instead while trying to wreck someone else. What is mind boggling is that people are willing to destroy themselves for AH even though it’s been proven that she has committed this hoax. She lied her way into a lawsuit and lost because of it.

  9. I'm a woman subscribed to your channel and I haven't ever thought your channel expressed misogynistic views or opinions. It's like you said, Taylor and the Washington post are salty because you've called them out and they want to get back at you. But you haven't done anything wrong so there's nothing they can do to you. Same with Johnny Depp, they can't convince us to believe their lies and AHs lies because we watched the trial ourselves. We stand by you TUG!!

  10. As a woman I stand by you TUG and i support and respect all of your hard work.
    It's ridiculous to think that the reason we don't like AH is because she's a woman. I personally don't like her because she has done terrible and cruel acts of abuse towards JD and many more, one of them being her sister and ex wife who, are woman.
    The only gender issue I have with this story is that she's not getting the consequences she deserves because of the narrative that women can't do no wrong. And even then it is outweighed by her blackmail over important figures that prevents justice from being served.
    Keep up the great work TUG. God bless you

  11. It’s amazing how the ppl accusing us of misogyny don’t take into consideration that the majority of the participants to this orchestrated concert of voices for truth, are in fact women. Most of us come from sort of abuse or another and most of us can recognise the signs of an abuser and like all abusers, these ppl use aggression and violence when ideology and propaganda fail.

  12. As a woman, DV, and SA survivor I stand with you TUG and with Johnny. Have never even seen JD'S movies. Only watched trial thinking to support Amber until I listened and heard Amber's testimony. So obvious she is a liar she can repeat a false story but when you've lived it you know she's lying. Can't believe the post is on the wrong side of these ridiculous stories. They are a joke now and should close up shop

  13. As a woman I support you 100 percent . Amber is a liar and abuser and she needs to be exposed for what she did. She got what she deserved. Keep up the good work👍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  14. To write for the WaPo without even basic fact finding by studying demographic characteristics of the audience, the actual revenue – especially when contrasted to MSM revenue from HIT stories & anti JD/proAbuse/Heard anti JURY VERDICT, or listening to the channel is MALFEASANCE. It is a travesty of the trust & power our Constitution placed in them.

  15. 59 year old Taylor Lorenz has great difficulty with such things as "rational thought".
    68 year old Taylor Lorenz has no concept of actual research.
    76 year old Taylor Lorenz has never Amber Heard the words "due diligence".
    88 year old bloated faux-journalist Taylor Lorenz struggles with anything requiring competency and work ethic.

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