Amber Heard PLOTTED to have Depp’s BABY while DESTROYING HIS LIFE!

Amber Heard PLOTTED to have Depp’s BABY while DESTROYING HIS LIFE!

This is something new in one of these documents while also archiving the entirety of the Depp evidence. This will ALL be compiled in a singular playlist for easy referencing.


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  1. Hey there – THIS is the 3rd item I've gone in to FULLY archive. It was weird, too, because I had NEVER noticed the stuff about having Depp's baby. Imagine someone saying that, i wanna have HIS BABY while plotting to destroy HIS LIFE. She's not loony. She's DANGEROUS.

    I will add ALL the fully archived depositions, audio, etc to one compiled playlist.

  2. And there are still people who defend her, I literally have no idea why.
    There's mountains of evidence showing she abused him and basically using the law to further her own abuse towards him. This is just horrible. And this was all planned over 5 years ago. Oh boy. Johnny's only crime was trusting this freak of nature.

  3. I know this is an aside and the industry is dying faster than dinosaurs post-asteroid, but considering your channel artwork, you should be comic book artist, not the hacks currently infesting the industry. Back to the videos point, AH having Johnny Depp's baby is par the course for the borderline psycho she is. I bet she even believes it would force him back into her claws in the interest of "family".