Amber Heard pt 2 exposed in new Audio leak | WHERE IS THE MEDIA ON THIS?

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Amber Heard part 2 exposed in new Audio leak | WHERE IS THE MEDIA ON THIS? Johnny Depp

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Written by Shuhood Khan


  1. Just seen you guys talking about the evidence Johhny Depp had with that recording. Spot on guys it not right to lay your ha ds on anyone. I have been in that kind of marriage and as a woman I tried to walk away when be would start. Didn't always work needless to say im now divorces abd happy. Abusers always use the lines you heard in that tape it's classic abuse. So glad you guys are standing up as men to say it's OK to walk away and ot take that sxxt. Woman are abusers to she is one of the worse kind using her position to try and destroy Johnny. Let's hope more see that anyone can be abused it's not just women it happens more to men than people realise and if they say something they're wrong time for men to be heard as well as women. Keep up the god work many men need someone to advocate for them. All abuse is wrong

  2. I do understand where men are coming from. I've heard the stories of men who were powerless when women acted like crazed lunatics and then the cops show up and the guy is the one assumed to be violent. I had a similar experience as a woman with a female roommate. She was pregnant, got kicked out of her baby's fathers house, and I felt sorry for her. We moved in together. She had the baby. It became apparent pretty quickly WHY her baby's father had been so "heartless". She was this short little heart shaped angelic faced girl who had a nasty temper and she was a scrapper. She got mad at me about the fact that I was in a long distance relationship and I was too "stupid" to see that he was "using" me…this argument that should never have even been an argument because it was none of her business if she'd actually been SANE. She wound out punching me twice while HOLDING HER INFANT CHILD in her arms. ? I called the police because I refuse to live with someone who is abusive. She immediately said…while I was on the phone with 911, that's fine…they'll never believe you. And the crazy little demon spawn was RIGHT. They treated me…the one who called it in, like I was a suspect. ? now I have a young son, and I'm genuinely worried about the women he chooses for a partner because I'm very aware that this exists.

  3. She needs to get kicked in the throat! I’m sorry. My brother gets Johnny Depp’ed all the time by his baby mama to teach him a lesson. Their words not mine. And it drives me insane. A cop woke my brother up from his sleep and took him because his baby momma beat her self up and she claimed he did it. No questions asked, he was taken away.

  4. No. This bitch is for sure a wild one. Condescending. She needs help. The main thing if not the only thing these celebs have in common is the same tax bracket.

  5. Their journalistic integrity is being funded by BIG BUSINESS, AKA Musky
    Did she hit him? I'm only 115lbs.That's where the pots and pans come in

  6. Oh these are wonderfull times of change, for everybody.
    Just like Sarah Silverman stood and said "hey.. i know it sucks, but this shit needs to come out to the light", of course she was referring to #metoo and all the abuse happening 1on 1… In an power dinamic… Power in the relation is one thing married women do have… Hence the pussy whipped stereotype.
    but this applies so well to that idea of metoo…
    We all need to grow up and be responsible for our actions.

  7. Aba what your describing is cognitive dissonance. When facts are presented to a person who has opposite or biased ingrained beliefs they will almost always stick to their ingrained beliefs over the presented facts.

  8. I never believe things about celebrities right off the bat. I don't like to generalize. I take things story by story, based on evidence. So I'll never say "most of the time", or "all men/women". It'll always be a case by case basis for me. Because if one parent is aggressive and they raise kids, the female child could take on those traits and become aggressive too. Why do we discredit men when any and all domestic abuse as a whole is abhorrent and horrible?

  9. You are exactly right on all you say – she used that MY TRUTH on the speech at court as well- she lives in a fake world and doesn't know the TRUTH at all And she deserves jail time and he deserves an award for dealing with that narcissistic- crazy lying good for nothing bitch ! Media has done nothing to get the truth out there – and yes she is ruining #metoo why haven't they stood up against her? unbelievable #Justiceforjohnnydepp

  10. Yo! Real journalism is dead it's about what's trending now not facts, the media outlets know people have a short attention span and somehow "We were wrong about Johnny Depp abusing his wife" is less appealing "Johnny Depp is a certified wife beater" cause make no mistake the controversy is about him. Amber Heard is just a accessory riding the wave of this drama

  11. Feminism has gotten extreme and the women knows there is no consequences for bad behavior! Men please wake up and move with a purpose and with caution when dealing with modern day women.

  12. Amber u r a priece of shhhhiitt…yo dis bitch can kick rocks…omg…johny ur da man…enough enough…I live under a rock n dis shit just made my day!!!chemdawg to da fuuucccaacce…