Amber Heard REFUSED To Get Prenup & Then Went CRAZY!

Amber Heard REFUSED To Get Prenup & Then Went CRAZY!

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  1. His sister warned him not to marry that psycho. Johnny married a woman who was just like his abusive mother. And from his testimony, he basically said he was mirroring his childhood where his father put up with his horrible mother & allowed her to make his life a miserable hell. Amber Heard appears to be a psycopath

  2. Who sues a person for defamation if it was true? Why risk it? Also 50million is being very generous! That’s Johnny for you, even after all this shit he’s been through he’s giving some grace to his abuser. I mean He made 68 million from Alice and wonderland and got booted off one of the most successful franchises because of Amber’s false allegations. Nick Sandman was a nobody and sued CNN for 250million and of course they settled on a undisclosed amount. Just imagine the roles he would be getting now as the trial goes on. 50 million is a low number for who Depp is. I really do hope Amber admits her mistakes and try’s to be a better person after this but I’ve seen this before and after this trial she’s probably going to be way worse. I hope she doesn’t try to come after him. Crazy people will do the craziest things.

  3. A post nuptial is almost useless in the US. He never should've pulled the trigger on that wedding but JD isn't exactly a logical person like the rest of holywood creatives they are a mess most times. Poor guy I hope this is the last of this and he gets to just leave and retire somewhere with his dignity, if not well sometimes that's the way it goes.

  4. It's weird, but Amber doesn't strike me as a the gold digger type. I'd argue her abandonment issues is the reason why she's upset by prenups and not being named in Johnny's Will. For someone who doesn't want to be abandoned, prenups officially acknowledge the possibility of a breakup – which is the exact scenario a person with abandonment issues fears most. When Amber learns Johnny hasn't put her in his Will, this upsets her because (in her mind) it implies she isn't significant enough to be in the Will and that Johnny sees no future with her anymore. Basically, Amber is letting her fears and emotions get the better of her (lol, where is Yoda when you need him the most? XD). She's seeing ghosts that aren't there.

    The more Depp shares about their relationship, the more I'm getting a clearer picture of Amber. Her being a control freak now makes sense. Everything in her relationship HAS to be within her control and become routine for her because control/routine give her predictability and a sense of personal security (that's why she blew up on Johnny when he removed his own shoes). None of this excuses Amber for her actions, lies, manipulation, and accusations, of course. But I hope, regardless of the verdict, this woman ADMITS she has a problem and gets help. She's doomed to keep repeating this pattern in other future relationship. Amber created this vicious cycle where her fears/insecurity demanded more control of the situation, which resulted in Johnny slowly drifting away – and so she asserted even MORE control to the point where things got abusive.

  5. Amber Heard reminds me of that Loranz woman who stalked the LibsofTikTok Twitter creator.

    Same type of fake emotional response on command if you ever seen her interviews. She has to pretend to be emotional, so show emotions. Sociopath.

  6. At the end of JD's testimony today, they went ahead and started the cross examining by AH's lawyer. Her lawyer brought up the statement that was signed for the divorce that stated no one was to bring up anything about what happened prior to the divorce. Since his defense proves she's the abuser, she thinks she can get around him. She manipulated him to get to his money.

  7. Honestly, hearing all this, I just can't help thinking – what is she gonna be saying at her testimony? Like she is sitting there with that smug face as if she believes there is only one way this trial could go, and meanwhile I can't figure out how the hell did she bring this whole situation this far when his testimony and the evidence against her is so damning? She is not only a psychopath, she must be delusional. I don't know what she needs to say and prove to turn this round. Did he kill someone she loved or something?… I'm absolutely not an expert in such trials, I don't know what's normal and what's not. But I am honestly shocked by things that are coming out and that she would want to go to court knowing what he would be saying.

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