Amber Heard RUINS Elon Musk as Depp DEMANDS Answers! The LIES are OVER

Amber Heard RUINS Elon Musk as Depp DEMANDS Answers! The LIEs are OVER


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  1. When I first saw that text convo, my first impression was that Elon Musk was just a chump that got played pretty hard by a pro. I've been in his shoes (thankfully only briefly). It all rang SO familiar.

  2. This is a guy who when The Pentagon threatened to revoke his security clearance for smoking weed on a podcast, was like “yeah, whatever”. Good luck to her in destroying him. If a woman’s allegations are more potent than the administrative and strategic arm of history’s most powerful military, Dog help is all

  3. So hearing IN TWO MONTHS..Elon and Amber…. Extracted and Fertalized and Froze AHs egg.. Ok ROCKET SCIENCE .. Now were into Knock Down Drag Outs..cant some one just toss those peatree dishes in the garrrr baauugeee.. Or into the street as a car smashsses.. The peatree dish baby.. Comeon..

  4. Johnny Depp probably lucky to get away from those embryos and amber heard why would you put a baby in a dirty womb crack cocaine addict like amber heard there should be medical ethics laws of humanity for doing such things just evildoers