Amber Heard sucks.

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Written by Sydney Watson


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  1. Your deep dives are absolutely amazing! I dont really care about either of these people and yet, as you weaved their story i was on the edge of my bed. Yes i was laying down watching this. Its midnight. Im not being creepy. I just have one question. Have you ever been approached by other youtubers willing to pay you to do ad spots for them? You are great at it. You put a lot of thought and creativity into it. 👍🏻 Keep up the outstanding work.

  2. I was once married to the Amber Heard type, and she tried all the same dirty tricks !
    I was lucky to have gotten out of the marriage with most of my assets and most of my sanity !!
    But years after the divorce she was still making false accusations against me!’
    She was and still is a psycho!!!

  3. Always thought something was up back then – especially when accusations against Johnny were still rumours and yet everyone was quick to attack and spite him. I was 15 in English class watching “Into The Woods” with the rest of the class for studies and thought it was incredibly inappropriate for the teacher to pause the movie just to talk about how much she hated Johnny Depp because of this and the classes agreed with her – despite not having any prior knowledge about the people involved and what exactly happened. If this was all true that would have been different; but it wasn’t and with the information that has come to light now it’s distasteful to look back at that memory. This case is the perfect example of being cautious and waiting out for more information before jumping to conclusions to attack or defend certain people. Does this mean Johnny is a saint? No, because he’s human and a celebrity – but of course it means he does not deserve this. No one does and so many were quick to follow what was “socially correct” instead. His innocent children even received hate and death threats during this time. I do genuinely wish Johnny nothing but the very best in life and cannot wait to see what consequences are in store for Amber because no matter what happens now, the public will certainly not forget

  4. I'm a man , I've been in abusive relationships . They are hard hard to get out off . Especially when feelings are involved .
    I understand how J D feels

  5. MAN – I will accuse you of Assault and physical abuse, because i have you on tape using me as a punch bag, also bruises to prove it.
    WOMAN – I will accuse you of Assault and physical abuse, because you invaded my personal space by recording me abusing you. that's an assault on my privacy, and proves that YOU are the abuser.

  6. I think more than a few of us have detected a strong odor of B.S. coming from Heard's camp and everything from her magically-vanishing "bruises" to an admission of hitting Depp, have turned us off when it comes to Trailer Park Barbie.

  7. You want to see bias. Go through a divorce. You will learn very quickly that women are favoured over men and if there are children…… you'll be lucky to come out with your sanity let alone ability to afford a domicile, car or access.
    Dignity ? None.

  8. Hey Candlestick, have you seen Johnny Depp in the Dior fragrance commercial? Now, I am as straight as an arrow that is the straightest arrow, but I have to always stop and watch that commercial without skipping it every time I see it… now I understand why so many birthing people swoon when they see him (no homo!)

  9. I love you but… Interesting stuff is better than awful stuff. I hope you understand and I understand horrible things get more views on this platform. I think you are better than that…

  10. It is all about education. This is what happens when a child is allowed to do everything whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want and never held accountable of any wrongdoing, believed always based always on their “innocent” pretty face and letting things go with no penalty. You, basically, are rising a psycho.

  11. Love your honesty, it IS your sweet, heroic, romantic and courageous Captain Jack Sparrow that is on trial for the world to sween, I mean swoon over every waking moment you look into his sad eyes up until he starts falling asleep in the courtroom, and the camera quickly sweeps away, or getting a glance of him sending quick smiles across the room. And of course, vicious, hostile, man hate, Amber is the Cat-woman, ready to scratch everyone's eyes out including his. PEoPLe, please Wake UP. "Can't wait to see her rotting corpse" is something common that every man says about his wife when she pisses him off, nothing to see here. Besides, he always talks like that, so we give this gentleman a pass, many passes. Just because he told his doctor that he can't imagine living without drugs, we give him a pass; let him take all the drugs he needs, we love him just the way he is. No wife should dare change that, or dare try to get help. To JD: Sorry Captain Jack for you having to deal with a wife that wanted you to be sober and off drugs that made you have violent episodes. Btw, didn't you name your son after your character, keeping it real!!!! ?

  12. Im one of those who see a video a comments thing by thing… about one of the tweets at the begining… no, dont let the tell us "she manipulated people into believing her…" no, she manipulated YOU/THEM, us sane people, normal people, men around the world KNOW this shit is not rare, we know these kind of women all too well, what did women, the left, and all the crazies do? they made her a speaker at the womens march…. I WILL NEVER let them forget that

  13. Uhhhhh… Penatrating with a liquor bottle is litteraly a plot point in "gone girl".. Where she shakes and pops a liquor bottle cork inside of herself to frame her man for heavy abuse…

    Edit: I guess I was just ahead of the video and she already knew and included it. Lol

  14. I have a friend who loved his wife and adores his kids and worked incredibly hard getting ahead and providing for them. He found out she was fucking her employer and had cheated in the past with a collegue of his. He wanted to work it out to save their marriage and keep on for them. Life happens. Some people are cunts about it, but he was willing to fix whatever "caused" it. She took the kids and accused him of domestic violence with the backing of her sisters so he's fucked. He did nothing but love and provide. Turns out he was providing too hard and she was lonely. He gets fucked over for it and no sight in end for being with his kids along with violence accusations. He's a deer in headlights being run over by a truck of feminist default belief in her.

  15. I don't think society at large will ever see women as people who can be abusers towards men. Some people, like us who watch the videos, and Sydney, who makes them, do understand. But I think the idea of s€*ual a$$@ult will always be assumed as a man abusing a woman in the relationship.

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