Hi everyone, it’s been a while since my last video, but a lot of you have been messaging me asking for this, so here it is.

It’s been a long road to get to this point.

I will be at some point making a more indepth video regarding the extent of what has happened within the last 11 months since my last video. But for now, thank you for always supporting myself and my video’s and I’m sorry I have been MIA.

All my love,

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  1. I guess you spent Autumn and part of Winter on Venus, that's why you haven't been making videos?
    Next time you go to Venus can you get me a lousy T-shirt?

    MIA = Missing in Autumn

  2. Never hit a women

    But stupid question isn't that what feminism tells us? Like a guy should "never" hit a women, even if the women hit's him. Yes this "never" includes the women hitting the man.

    So indirectly this sentence says it's ok or somewhat ok or not as bad if a women hit's a man. while in reality it's exactly the same. And don't come with the man can do more damage, first that assumes that in domestic violence situations the man always use maximum force, that would mean that nearly every domestic abuse case would be a homocite case, because that would be the result of a man using all his power. Also women don't have to fist fight, they can take hard thing a improvised weapon and with that she can do the same damage a man would do.

    So implying that a women hitting a man is in any way better than the other way is deeply sexistic.

    Belive the Victim

    And the "believe the victim" is also just a different phrasing for "believe the women", because if the police comes to a appartment, it's even their policy that if domestic abuse is happend and it's not 100% clear who is the victim the man get's taken into prison and the women stays.

    If you not have a perfect video that shows the man beaten nonstop without any even lightly defense moves or something along that lines.

    "Believe the victim" is so toxic statement too, because if both say the same, the man as example admits he did abuse her, then well nobody would not believe it so in normal case you have 2 versions of the event, in one the one person is the victim in the other the other. So WHICH victim do you believe, you can't believe both "victims" because only 1 can be the victim… so the sentence only makes sense if it means "believe the women".

    So she did not hurt Feminism and metoo, metoo elevated her intentionally. metoo is a product of her and she is a product of metoo, and yes she did her stuff before the hashtag exited, but the ideology behind metoo (feminism) exists much longer. Feminism means hate towards man, not by all feminists conciously BUT not the less it means exactly that!

    Women are devot and like being hit sometimes

    And I go even further than that, there are many women with rape and violence fantasy or in other words "devot" women probably the majority of women are devot, many like slapping and dirty talk often is degrading talk towards the women.

    So Amber seems a extreme case, but I would argue that she might be more happy and maybe would even be together with Depp if he would hit her from time to time a bit. So this "never hit a women" thing might even trigger or make such situations more likely, because the only thing a man can do is to flee.

    So women are most of the time better talkers, they can think faster have better memory and their speech center in the brain is bigger they talk like 10 times as much on every day as man, so a man looses on that field by default, so even in a "healthy" relationship chances are that teh women at least abuses the guy verbally, so if you don't allow at least low level violence. Let's say holding the women on her hand and shake her a bit. Something like that I don't say punsh her into the face. That could make it more frustrating on both sides.

    I know it sounds horrible if you say women might like to get violated, but to some degree it's evolutionary reality. That's why murderers ooften get mail from women and stuff like that, or violent criminal man never have problems to find a girl friend. Because it signals strengths and the willingness to use if nessesary violence against others.

    Like if the guys is able to even hurt his wife a bit, he is willing to murder every possible intruder if nessesary without flinching. We might not like biology but we can't just ignore it and talk biology away, because our ideology believes that biology does not exist.

    Heck in most countries it seems to be MORE ok to hit children than women, right? The women is full adult person traditionally that was juristically partially different and she could not leave but today the women can leave not only in one of the 100.000 houses that are funded for taht but just move to any hotel or other sleep over etablisment.

    So when that is true and the women chose to be with that man that probable gave some red flags before is it still a bigger crime to hit her than a child that has no choice? That shows how fucked up it is.

  3. As a male victim of domestic violence can tell you
    You will be treated with such high degrees of skepticism that will quickly turn to reverse accusations
    And there is no description that suits the experience of not being believed then accused
    Simply because of the sex of the person
    If an object leaves a violent hand to strike someone ,the object is unaware of the sex of who it is hitting or the sex of the owner of the throwing arm
    Strength and/or size is irrelevant
    It’s choice not biology
    Not physiology
    Abuse is abuse

  4. I don't know why anyone fell for her lies to begin with. The video she released of him being drunk and slamming kitchen cabinets did not show him abusive towards her. What it did show was how manipulative SHE was trying to set him up. (And, only a few days after his mother died.) Yet people fell for it. Stop allowing the media to teil you what to believe and feel.

  5. This makes me so sad for Johnny Depp. I just want to give him a hug. Breaks my heart he had to endure this abuse. I am so glad this is coming to light and people are finally seeing the truth!! I hope he is able to have a normal healthy relstionship in the future.

  6. 3rd wave feminists are still defending her… please go to twitter and voice your opinion to "Amanda DeCadenet" she was seen on the elevator the day after the alleged abuse. she knew there was NO abuse and yet allowed amber to be the spokes person for domestic violence… its bad folks, like really bad… 3rd wave feminism is the largest terrorist cult on the planet…. #womenagainst3rdwavefeminsm prison4amberheard justice4johnnydepp

  7. My applause to you hunny, she makes me sick listening to this, as someone who's been abused, my father who was abused and others who are close family and friends who were abused, and then there's her!! My heart goes to those who have been threw abuse, or going threw it. Those who are they try and make them selfs small and quiet as to not get hurt, she's not doing any of that, she sound manipulative and nasty, she's she's not a victims, He is. And you wonder why men don't speak out!! ♥️

  8. So glad to see this! Lol, this video actually came up in my notifications and I didnt pay it any mind bc I didnt realize it was you! Lol! It was so long ago I saaw your vids on this, all I remembered was it was a red haired girl, lol!!! Sooo, when a blonde gal showed up, I was like ahh that isnt her, maybe she left YT….then tonight I went looking for your chnl again…you said it a LONG time ago and your vid was one of the first ones I saw, then I saw Incredibly Average vids on it too and seeing both theirs and yours convinced me this chic is a narcissistic b!tch and I am SOOOOO glad everyone that saw thru her BS is now being vindicated bc those who called her out on her BS caught SO MUCH shit for standing up for Depp and Id be willing to bet not many came back to apologize not only to those who didn't believe her, but Id bet none of the people that shit on Johnny ever came back to apologize
    Like her….also the only times she apologized, she immediately took it back. Shes an asshole, Im glad she went forward with taking it to court, bc even after ALLLL that she did, he still wanted to settle it out of court so that the truth ABOUT HER didnt come out…says a fuck of a lot more about the type of person HE is, esp compared to the type of person SHE is

  9. PS…hope you're Ok…and hope your dad gets out of his situation one day. Maybe he'll see himself in Johnny, who knows?! Either way, take care of you and hope you'll be back more often 😉

  10. Never believed her from the beginning since I actually payed attention to things like what Johnny's exes saids and his daughter statement along with the Police visit that had happened where they said they couldn't find any signs of domestic violence against her

  11. ever since this thing started, i have never once believed any allegations about Johnny Depp. especially after even his ex-partner and the mother of his children came out and defended him. poor man had been prosecuted by the media without even been proven guilty. so sorry he ever crossed paths with someone like Amber. what a truly horrible woman.

  12. I called her out, the moment I saw her walk out of the Court House…down the steps, as she walked in front of the camera’s, letting herself be SEEN out In public. So she could be photographed by paparazzi, Reporters & News stations. As someone who has been on both sides of abuse. The abused will hide their face…with their hands, newspaper, anything they can…behind friends etc. (behind sunglasses and hair) not in every case but in my experiences…
    *With Abuse Comes Shame*

    PeaCe&ReSPeCt, Shelley

  13. I get the feeling Amber's grand plan in life involves violently pushing men in her life so that they'll cave one day and hit her back. Then she can run to the police and claim abuse. At which point, she will get to sue these men and get the millions she feels entitled to, but that she doesn't want to work hard for.

  14. Hey! Please make a comment about this new audio that incredibly average released, your opinion is important, you were the most vocal when few people defended him. You and incredibly average should collaborate, because you have showed the best defense to Johnny. Love to you and your dad, who i hope is going well and is not with that woman.

  15. Amber is a horrible person. I cannot believe she made it past a one night stand and he wifed her. This is fatal attraction meets Gone girl. Gross.

  16. I agree the real nail in her coffin is that she never responds…. what about all the times you hit me or hurt me.. she just says “what about all the times you split?” If she was abused by him, she would have said something. This is something she is recording. it’s so odd that they are discussing these things and no abuse to her ever gets talked about, she tries to make it seem like that when she says he hit her and he corrects her that he pushed her, not hit her. And she just brushes him off. And then goes onto blaming him for leaving her when she gets physical or even just yelling at him, she’s batshit crazy man ? he has the patience of a saint

  17. Hello, I would love for you to talk about how Amber is now baiting on Twitter to show how she is a victim of cyber-bullying. She is, once again posing as a victim, baiting people to respond in order to expose the abuse she is receiving from the general public. I wish people would understand that the only thing to do is dot to respond and ignore her. Giving them zero attention is what narcissists hate the most.

  18. This is the exact reason why I don't have girlfriends I won't lie for them and I won't stand them lying about somebody she is a great example why I can't stand most women I do say most because not all women are that way just all I've met

  19. That's the thing though she won't tell him to his face that oh you hit me or you did this to me it's not true because she wants his attention he'll be like you're lying I'm not talking to you anymore she'll lose her attention and she'll have nobody to make feel like s*** anymore or to blame everything on so all of her lies will be to the public she'll only talked to him about what she knows he'll admit to

  20. It's so difficult to listen to her. She can't be reasoned with. If I wanted to mend any relationship, my first impulse would be to apologize if the other party pointed a fault out. Hearing her hostility, the way she was blocking all JD's moves to get through to her by belittling him kills me. I feel like I would've stormed out of the room within 10 minutes of that shit. And it was not only Johnny she did this to, she did it with everyone. She did it to her former PA and their estate managers. She did it to JD's securities. She did it to the police. She did it to foreign governments. She does it to strangers. She does it to the movements she represents. She probably does it to her friends. She probably does it to her parents. I sincerely think she truly has nobody at the end of all this, not even the friends who have conspired with her in these lies.

  21. CLASSIC abuser using projection of her own deeds onto the person they are victimizing . She just flips the script , in one interview or whatever she mentions how she was the one who had to take it and shut up and walk away lmao what a narcissistic person with borderline personality disorder ( there are two types-) one type can have tendencies that devalues a person and hurts them in verbal and possibly even physical ways and the other type keep to themselves and usually self mutilate …like cutting and such . The violent types are scary because you never know what will make them de-value a person and begin the abuse . They usually try their best to hide this at first but unless they get counseling and try to change it comes out and eventually the devaluing begins

    FYI: I am NOT saying that all borderline people are like this- only some but it fits her to a T

  22. An abuse victim would never talk to their abuser that way if they were truly terrified for their life. The fact that people will still consider her a victim of domestic violence after all the proof that has come up showing she's the violent one and the lies that she's been tripped up in is maddening

  23. In AHs world anything is possible as long as she's at the steering wheel YK like any other good NPD prs
    As BPD SPD PPD etc etc.
    Her diagnosis are many, and from the incident she savored Johnny Depp's finger his protective detail talks with another female present at Johnny's penthouse apps;
    "Did AHeard take her medications today!?" The PD was so PO on Amber Heard he was inquisitive about what had really happened
    He also mentioned that Johnny Depp was protecting AH and she didn't deserve it in his opinion
    In my opinion too, and I never believed AH
    There was something about her I suspected was problematic YK
    Great vid, thanks ???????

  24. No, she keeps "Pushing" him to hit her. He wouldn't do it.
    I've been there, I would not be physical, yet they still pushed the envelope. My most violent pursuit ended up with me being pushed out of a screen door and me getting an OVI, because I went off to cry. I left. I got drunk. I got the OVI. I'll own that. Nothing else.
    I'm at the point in all of this where I justwant to hug him, hold him and tell him, honey, it's gonna be alright. Look away from all of that. Look to here and now. You're here, you're now.
    Yep, My mom never went forward, after being abused for 21 years, because of "Sociall parimeters". You have to find an out.
    AH is a parasite, a leech, a louse, a bedbug, sucking off of the life of others.
    So, in 2012, she was abused, but never f'ing just left his ass. Honey, I'd be gone. I've threatened men , that IF theyever hit me, I'd leave.