Amber Heard’s ATTACKS ON ME CONTINUE! She wants ME GONE!


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Written by ThatUmbrellaGuy

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  1. Turd out to get you is absolutely hilarious.. because it's so pathetic🤣 They can't keep a good man down!! Just keep speaking truth TUG onwards and upwards 👆🏻💪🏻😍

  2. Also – I don't care how much money you or Legalbytes or anyone else on YouTube make, you earn it. I choose who to support and I'm happy you're being paid for it!

  3. "They have a body count for false accusations" – you are absolutely correct about this. So many times narc women will destroy their ex husbands in the divorce by claiming DV and taking the kids away from their fathers, perpetrating parental alienation, using the courts to continue to abuse their ex and destroying their reputations and so many have committed suicide or come very close and wind up bankrupt trying to fight. These people are disgusting and it has to stop.

  4. I found u through the hate rhetoric too, I have loved ur coverage & can’t stand that some of these ppl can’t see that men go through this too…we need to open up the. BROADER convo, isn’t that what it’s all about?!?! Just bc it’s a woman certainly doesn’t mean she’s telling the truth, that’s a narrative any vindictive person could use.

  5. Thank you for sharing some of your personal background and family struggles. So many individuals relate to that type of upbringing and living in poverty. We are not undeserving of a voice, I commend you, keep it up !

  6. TAG, when are you gonna realise that AH is a patsy and there is something a lot bigger behind it. Connecting the dots to Pedowood, ACLU, Epstein and beyond. Just follow the money!

  7. Please watch out for Christopher Bouzy he shut down two YouTube channels and twitter channels I followed because they were posting about Meghan Markel. He even doxed one YouTuber he put out her and her husband’s name what they did for a living and the state they lived in. She got her channel back the other one didn’t. That man is relentless and evil and if he gets his followers after you I would be worried.

  8. It must be the stupidest thing to do to diss you because it will surely make you more money ,Heard and her paid dickheads will just be laughed at more. They are shoving there own shit back up their own arse.

  9. TUG, I’ve truly appreciated your blatant honesty on this and other topics. Lately I’ve been noticing more and more inaccuracies throughout the media; do you have any suggestions for accurate news providers either in the mainstream or alternative media through YouTube, podcasts, or print? It’s been so hard to know what to trust and there’s just not enough time in the day to watch all of them so that I can try to pull out the truth by comparing each of them.

  10. Sounds like amber might end up going to court with someone a lot less charitable than Johnny. Wonder what she is going to do when the kid gloves come off and she really gets smacked in the court.

  11. The Amber clan can't stand that you TUG have more of a following than they do and you are making money off of Amber and Amber can't make money off of her own self and that is eating them alive

  12. The same thing applies to AH, EB, and company. Don't make accusations without supporting info. If "That Umbrella Guy" is lying or misrepresenting AH's so-called truth, then state with factual statements what "That Umbrella Guy" and other targeted YouTubers has gotten wrong.

  13. AH prefers corporate media which is indebted to and steered by big PR firms. The consolidation of media outlets and the demise of local newspapers left a gap that Independant journalists and content creators are filling.
    You have an audience because people crave factual reporting rather than agenda driven journalism.

  14. This business about 'Amica' cream.
    I think there may be a company called Amica, but the cream, which is used for bruises and joint pain, is called Arnica.
    ARNICA cream.

  15. If she’s doing this to you, then you can imagine what Johnny went through and she doesn’t even know you. They are relentless sociopathic abusers. The jury certainly got this verdict right!

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