Amber Heard’s Attorney Objects To His Own Question

During cross-examination of Ben King, Amber Heard’s attorney objected to his own question, claiming hearsay. King was visibility confused about the objection and the judge stated “wait, you asked the question.”

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  1. Wait but if this is during cross, so they aren't on the same side, what's wrong with the attorney objecting to an out of court statement when the witness said "told me?" Because shouldn't an attorney object if a witness on cross tries to counter the attorney's attacks with an out of court statement?

  2. A circus is supposed to be entertaining not a f**** train wreck this woman has no defence the evidence is piling against her if you wins this case I will lose all faith in humanity

  3. This reminds me of one time we had a “play” in highschool that we were in court and all we did was throw around words. 😂 teacher gave my group a D just because she said it made her laugh.

  4. I was really surprised how poorly Heard's lawyer did.

    I know lawyers can make big cases out of nothing and was expecting him to throw some major curve balls, but instead he was just kind of… Floundering around, confusing people and wasting time….

  5. amber wins this by a landslide.. and by that i mean it'll take a literal landslide to depp's side of the courtroom for her to win this case

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