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  1. I can't wait for this so called appeal. It will be interesting to see how far into the cesspool they'll sink. The swamp creatures are out for sure and I never thought I would see a real one.

  2. It's such a shame. Kat Tenbarge started out investigating actual scum bags on the internet, gained notoriety for the one or two articles where it looked like she might actually be doing some good, and in just one year, she has sold out so much that she now defends people like Amber Heard (a serial domestic abuser) and Trisha Paytas ( who publicly admitted to abusing her ex and her current husband along with admitting she held both of them hostage and that she's mentally and verbally abused them…. and that's just the tip of the well documented, available all over YouTube, horrific behavior of Trisha Paytas). I live well below the poverty level and you could never pay me enough to turn on victims after pretending to be an advocate and then protecting their abusers by any means necessary. It's truly disgusting. I don't know how she sleeps at night.

  3. This is the Prawn Queens existence now. Paying whatever funds she has or is given by others, to then toss into the ether in an attempt to cover her cruel deeds. This is what a mind like hers has to do. Try to keep the plates spinning. Try to keep her narrative in check. But theres a bunch of smashed crockery everywhere that we all saw. Oh well.

  4. They all need to be sued for defamation and stripped of their rights as a journalist. It's unethical to think they purposefully were trying to ruin an innocent man and allow an abuser to continue abusing. Thank you TUG for never giving up on the truth, putting up with their doxxing, and reporting accurate information.

  5. The thing that gets me isn't the people ignoring that she is guilty and not having any ethics. The thing that amazes me is there is nothing about Amber that warrants that kind of love and admiration.

    If it is based on appearance I don't see it. Yes she is attractive but she can be easily replaced by tens of thousands of actresses that are more talented and look pretty much the same. Sure she has that coked out super model vibe but that isn't unique to her in the slightest.

    If it is based on her personality that is even more baffling because she is self absorbed and violent. I've never seen any stories about things she did to help people or things she has done that benefitted others. She is a black hole where love and kindness go in and never go out.

    Why these people do her bidding is beyond my ability to explain or even comprehend.

  6. How are the people I am busy still keeping their job? They are annoyingly harassing and defaming people on a national news net work they need to be fired and sued! They are abusing their power. You should send this to NBC corporate. Since you obviously have the honorary directed versions I would reach out to the president of NBC and send him a copy of this. This goes way beyond does harassing someone when you’ve got news anchors spreading malicious lies and gossip and putting people in harms way and spreading it using a news media platform that reaches all over the world they’ve way overstep their boundaries! This is bordering on meeting the FBI involvement in my opinion. This is more than just Target and harassment because someone’s going to end up getting seriously injured or unalived as a direct result of NBC and this PR firm and all of their actions. I think all of you guys should start a class action lawsuit against all of these people and then file class actions against each of them as individuals. Find out which state the PR firm is in and NBC(Allen, TX) and file there!

    If it’s in California(Alafair from Shane Communications is in California)use Michael Saltz he is very well-versed in these kind of lawsuit and has won numerous ones for online harassment and doxxing.

  7. r/DeppDelusion is probably one of those Heardstans sites. I posted a comment on that Reddit discussion page and was banned from posting any more comments literally a minute later.

  8. Unfortunately, I do know what it's like to be close to a narcissist, but I have never in my entire life, seen someone go to this extent, to try and convince the public that we didnt hear and see what we heard and saw, other than politicians! It never ends! The problem is that the mainstream media is upholding this BS! It doesn't end! Sadly, if we don't continue to point out the lies, this BS could take hold. I truly appreciate what you do. Your coverage of this has been everything! I wish the day would come, when the willfully blind people decide, enough is enough, and just say…Sorry Johhny! We got it wrong!
    I think there are a few sponsors and media moguls that attended her parties, so they call the shots when it comes to the false narrative that is being pushed! Otherwise, they were lazy, and didn't watch the whole trial. I'm guessing it's a bit of both. In addition, people will lie for money, and that makes them lowlifes!

  9. Don’t tease me Tug!! 😂 I feel like I just heard that the tides are Finally starting to turn …and we all know that Feces floats down stream was just a matter of time. Everybody in the WORLD outside of these pockets of fools…are Sick of GUILTY AH RUNNING HER MOUTH and EB BEING HER MOUTHPIECE! Woooo Hooo…I Enjoying watching this wild runaway train careen down a mountain….Fun times…Fun Times INDEED!

  10. Of course she's guilty!! Plan and simple! Very sick mentally, has no soul and doesn't care about anyone but herself! She goes to the lowest of Lowe's she sold her soul and doesn't love anyone not even herself!! One sad individual! She's going to get what she deserves, I hope that it's not to late for her to get help!!

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