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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


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  1. In one hand, the trial is just a Bread & Circus meant to distract us all from the controlled demolition of the US economy.
    In the other, this is a rare moment that a high-profile woman is being held responsible for her actions, and therefore a MASSIVE L for the MeToo witch trials.

  2. It is true that Amber is a victim of her disorder. But that doesnt mean innocent. Ive had to deal with those demons my whole life, probably substantially worse than her's if my judgement of her is even close to correct. There is objective correctness in doing the good and right things by others. It is a weak, easy way out to use and abuse others for personal gain and even more pitiable to be too lacking in willpower, self control to keep your own needs and wants in check.

    I lack the capacity to feel involuntary love for another. I wont ever feel hurt when someone else is hurt. But I also will never treat someone like garbage to be tossed or an expendable tool to be used up and discarded because those are the patterns of someone who doesnt think about their future. A parasitic mayfly stuck in the "now." Even for sociopathic moral monsters like the stripe Herd is, to behave that way is just a flimsy excuse. The real problem is theyre too fucking stupid and or ignorant to choose a better life style.

    I used to be awful when I was young because I didnt know any better. Amber Herd is even older than me. She's just a spoiled brat who never grew up. The pity from my experience is, the kind of help she needs is incredibly rare. There are almost no good therapists in existence and she isnt likely to fix herself without help. Professional help.

  3. It’s sad cause Amber isn’t going to get the help, all that’s going to happen is she going to dig deeper since the media is playing like she’s the true victim. All while she abused her next victim

  4. BPD (and by extension HPD) is essentially Antisocial Personality Disorder that is exhibited much more often in women. I had a friend with BPD. She was very kind in her own way, but she was very open about having a hard time feeling anything that she could understand as emotion towards anything other than dogs and cats.

  5. She does need hate she fabricated an article about her ex to ruin his life. That’s not an excuse we remove people who are unstable from society and into prison or facilities.
    She knew what she was doing.

  6. I’ve got a book somewhere called I hate you, don’t leave me which is a huge recommend to anyone who has been in a relationship with a BPD or suspicious of their SO having it. Razor is correct about everything except that “she needs help.” One of the hallmarks of BPD is a total unwillingness to be helped or to change. And if you have any doubt, this book will settle it for you. A BPD can explain exactly what’s wrong with them and even come up with practical steps for self-improvement. Essentially, they do the job of the psychologist for them. Then they will do none of that and instead get worse. There are no known effective treatments except the one I found which is walking away and having no further contact with them or their circle of enablers. For the victim, this is extremely hard to do, because a BPD will often arrange an elaborate social circle around the victim—again as Razor describes, with a patina of impeccable sanity—designed to keep the victim from being able to leave. A BPD is an emotional wreck with perfect grace, constantly harried by feelings of profound emptiness and deep seated fears of abandonment. They spend their entire lives concocting ways to emasculate and tie down their ideal husband in their eternal clutches. Do not ever get in a relationship with a BPD. And by the way, in the beginning it feels awesome. If a BPD sets her sights on you, you will fall head over heels in love.

  7. The biggest problem preventing solving the entire feminist issue is … PEOPLE NOT BEING POLITICAL and still "believing" the "feminism is about equality" narrative LIE! This also includes "defense" of metoo against being abolished … with the "it is a good idea that was corrupted".

    The definition of metoo is basically "agglomerate TINY accusations that arent worth mentioning into one big charge which courts might be bullied into taking seriously."

  8. BPD is basically incurable. If you catch it VERY early, then dialectical behavioral therapy can help some. But it’s basically a death sentence. Sad but true. My wife’s daughter has symptoms (she’s still a minor so too young to officially diagnose) and I can tell you, if you think you can work with someone with BPD to improve their lives, you can’t. They actively work against you because they don’t want what you want. They feel most comfortable in chaos and victimhood. Responsibly, self ownership, objective reality, reciprocal relationships…all of it is either unfathomable to them or totally repulsive. They are their disorder, and that’s about it.

  9. Ah, Anita. How long has it been since you last begged for money in a manner that makes Chris Chan look like a humble go-getter? Sarkeesian, sweetie? You don't speak for any victim of sexual abuse. I can't imagine any would be yoohoo'er could fight back the projectile vomiting long enough to stick it in her gamergate anyway.

  10. You pronounced "Fjorden" very well. But if anything i wish we spoke icelandic language, sounds like axe cutting trees language. Norwegian is just so dry and boring. I mean its reason why 90% of dubs with emotions sounds so cringe with the whole dry soulless language. Then again nobody wanna learn Nynorsk, which is atleast somewhat more bearable, but alas.

  11. The father of Anders Behring Breivik is a coward, i dont like Breivik, but his father is a stupid coward who cant take responsibility for neglect.

  12. If feminists could write the laws, men would lose sexual liberty the same way they claim to always be protecting liberty for women. They can't be taken seriously because they are not remotely fair or balanced in their view of any issues. Example: A chubby girl comes onto you at a bar and invites you home. She's not the typical girl you'd date, but your young, horny and single so why not have some fun? You end up having sex and don't call her after. She says she thought you really liked her and wouldn't have had sex with you otherwise. She says she was sexually assaulted/raped because you used her for sex and were not "upfront" with your intentions. Most "feminist" women would absolutely agree this should be illegal for MEN to do. Although if it happened to a man, who was hurt because he really liked a woman who he slept with that didn't really like him and she blew him off after, they would say he was lucky to get what he got and he's a misogynist for having expectations that she should HAVE to be with him because they had sex.

  13. This was quite illuminating to see.
    The court bias issue is of course well-known, but the mental health part was certainly a nice perspective.
    Pretty interesting video, even despite the low-brow, celebrity trivia status of the case. Thanks for the content, Razör.

  14. It wasn't even a win. He was still ordered to pay her an amount because apparently his lawyer "defamed" her by calling out her lies. Even when the meme sex is shown for what they are they still have to get a partial win because not living life with cheats enabled is "oppression."

  15. This is such an important trial and verdict. I just hope people don't stop caring just because the men who are being fucked over aren't handsome billionaire celebrities with millions of fans..

  16. One thing I saw from Reddit/Twitter salt miners was people trying do “abuse+power” basically saying that although Amber abused Johnny she did have power thus she didn’t abuse him.

  17. Damn this is the first time I heard someone go into her diagnosis. That sounded just like one of my ex girlfriends. I always thought she was just a crazy bitch but now I know she was actually crazy and needed help. For real though your description was right on for her and now I feel just a little bad but she was a crazy bitch. Good sex as always with the crazy ones.

  18. Entire time I'm watching, my eyes are on the FWL patch. I'm all "That's pretty cool….but why that collection of terminally 'stuck in place voting perpetually' bullshit in space!?" and then I remember profitable it is to be involved in that infighting XD

  19. Right on the nose brother. I was with a woman with BPD. That's exactly what happens. What's more, because of the sheer confusion over the flip, and the fact that they're most likely blaming everything on you, you end up thinking YOU'RE the on who's got problems. Takes a bit to realize it's not you.

  20. I'm normally indifferent to the outro tracks, cause I prefer Metalcore and Power Metal over Classic and Heavy Metal. But this one sounds good! Gonna check it out now, thanks Razor!

  21. The most dangerous environment for anyone, especially for kids, is a single mothers house. When I want kids I'm going to go to a fertility clinic with 100k to get an egg and a surrogate. I suggest ALL MEN do the same.

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