AMC Is BROKE! Ticket Sales DOWN 85% & Stock PLUMMETS 41%

AMC is BROKE! They will run out of cash in just 6 months as their stock continues to plummet! Will theatres even be around when hollywood re-opens?

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  1. Essentially we will get another 20 years of comic book movies because studios are afraid to gamble on real art. I like you quartering but sometimes you don't know what you are talking about.

  2. Studios need to bank on what works. Avengers worked. There was no need to end it. they should have continued the plot and story and link movies like a never-ending superhero soap opera.

  3. What bothers me the most is that the politicians that are getting ready to use our tax money to bail out these gigantic corporations are the same people that tell us to put our money back and save just in case something happens, where the hell is all the money at that these companies are supposed to be making and why don’t they have any in savings? When is the last time the government helps you? They sent us 1200 measly dollars while they’re sending corporations don’t need bail outs tens of millions of dollars. You wonder why there are socialist and Marxist that are coming out of college right now? This is the reason why.

  4. That’s unfortunate. It would help in someone made content that could compel me to go to a theater. Let’s see. LOTR and Hobbit have already been made and the MCU story arc is complete (I don’t have much confidence in Arc 2) so no reason to go. Almost everything else is about “chick flick” level that I can enjoy just as well in my home theater after a slight delay.

  5. As someone who worked at an AMC for 5 years, I’d say their time has come (also I know it’s not nice to wish people to lose their jobs, but the last general manager I had was a huge douchebag so if he suffers I will feel a bit better)

  6. My old man works at Best Buy and has been seeing people building home theatre setups for the last year,the shutdowns just made people start doing it in a bigger surge now. I just see theaters being a thing of the past,maybe we’ll see a resurgence in the drive in theaters .

  7. A friend of mine wanted to see Tenet for his birthday so a group of us went to an AMC on a Saturday night during prime time. We were surprised by how little people were there, it was pretty much our group and then maybe 4 other people.

    Also we enjoyed the movie, it’s too bad it’s releasing now because it was like a breath of fresh air. It was the first film that I had bothered to go out and see since… idk, awhile.

  8. Cinemas are way too expensive in the UK for concessions and films. I don’t feel sorry for the big chain cinemas but I do for independent ones, and staff for all cinemas as this is not their fault they are just caught in the crossfire.

  9. 30 bucks for a video on demand?! Yeah, count me out. No way most movies are even worth their regular 8 to 15 dollars to begin with. Especially the more woke movies get. Yes, including movies that only have like two or three cringey scenes in it. Doesn't matter, I just don't support that. Honestly, I think Hollywood isn't going to change any time soon. And I actually do think they will see some sort of bail out anyway. The rich taking care of the rich.

  10. I kind of fear we will be seeing a lot of 'risk free' remakes the coming 5 or so years though….. instead of the real change Hollywood needs.

  11. Hey! Why go to the movies when you can LARP at any of your leftist run communist shitholes like Portland, Seattle, L.A., San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Kenosha or Minneapolis? ???‍♂️???

  12. studios keep delaying movies to hope for bigger box offices, but the delays close theatres. so they're only making it worse for themselves. by the time the next blockbuster comes out there won't be any theatres left.

  13. today i watched serenity from 2005, amazing scifi when movies were great, too bad firefly had only on season. who needs pedowood we have 70 years of movies and they already do shit remakes, nobody asked for

  14. maybe Hollywood will start making movies people actually want to watch again rather than giving their industry friends an ideological blowjob.

  15. Well when you make 99% of profits from overpriced goods such as popcorn, soda and food item, what do you expect? especially when some do not feel "safe" with goods of that type…

    Sorry not sorry for the overpriced theaters

  16. I won't be sad to see those Hollywood freaks lose their gravy train out there in LA, but I am sad to see all the movie theatres close. I have an AMC20 near me, used to love going over there. Times change, I guess.