America Ablaze – A Rant

No Nikes, No Peace.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. Riots have turned an independent nurse into a gun wielding republican in 48 hours, in her words: 'i didnt sign a do no harm clause, that's for doctors'

  2. The genie isn't being put back in the bottle….Just like Malcolm X said…"Democratic liberals use the black man like a political football to achieve their goals…"….and they're doing it again….they want to eat this country from the inside out,cripple or destroy it with another civil war because the U.S. represents the last threat of stopping the globalists plans of their one world government where they will run and own EVERYTHING! Humans never seem to learn anything from history….I guess enough death and blood wasn't shed during our last civil war…..
    People better lock n load and prepare ,because this isn't a joke and these assholes are feeling it now…..they are putting the pedal to the medal and speeding towards the finish line….

  3. I’m a truck driver. If there is a shortage in stores it’s purely planned. The DOT relaxed our ELD requirements during the lockdown so we could keep supplies moving. If shelves are empty it’s wholly on purpose to incite fear.

  4. Modern day Libertarians do not hold a coherent, consistent ideology. They follow the same pattern as Republicans, mindlessly falling into whatever arbitrary position their inner herd seems to be settling on. It’s all tribal influence, zero philosophical contemplation. Otherwise they might have something to say about, oh you know, secret federal paramilitary units flooding American cities and literally abducting Americans off the street and interrogating them about their political beliefs, the exact tyrannical scenario they’ve been claiming to warn against their entire lives. Suddenly, when their exact fevered dream actually happens, total silence. They’re waxing philosophical about the tyranny of masks. Complete fucking frauds.

  5. Razor is right. Antifa and BLM are communist and advocating violence, looting and riots, while being supported by the media. Violence needs to be crushed. The Constitution allows peaceful protest, not violence and looting.
    Maybe it is time for a 2nd amendment citizen militia to be formed.

  6. This was never about "Black Lives Mattering". It's all about pushing Communism on an unreceptive public that would rather kill the wastes of oxygen than give them the platform to sperg out their hatred and racism.