America Has The Tinder To IGNITE Social Uprising – Chris Hedges

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. Chris is depressing because he doesn't avoid or sugarcoat reality. All the violence that's coming down the pike has been written about in his books for years. MSM and their owners (ruling elites) don't give two shits, because they're not interested. Profits are the only focus for them. They won't start to get it until the country starts to burn from both ends. And even then, they probably still won't get it.

    It's clear that 99% of liberals don't either.

  2. I have a light ? For supporters of Medicare for all. Around 14:15 Chris says the problem is our for profit health care system. If that’s “the problem” what’s going on in European countries like England who have socialized medicine and are not doing any better with Covid?

  3. The "Machine" is like the Terminator.
    That Terminator is out there. It can't be reasoned with, it can't be bargained with. It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop. Ever.

  4. What's funny, is Chris Hedges is an educated person. A seasoned professional and he still thinks there is a Democratic or Republican party. That voting and hoping for the best is still going to work.

  5. Old soviet joke in a new light:
    A Russian journalist tells an American journalist: In my country I have freedom to post on social media that Russian elections were rigged
    American replies: I also have freedom to post that Russian elections were rigged

  6. We do have a left, and they act just the Commies and Nazis did when taking power. Can't have a Conservative speak anywhere without a mob attacking them and silencing them.

  7. Jimmy is going to get "disappeared" by the powers that rule us all. He'll probably get in a shooting match somewhere and this time someone will attack him. The main stream media will blame Jimmy Dore in a "Cancel Culture" attack for whatever reason is convenient. This is my sad prediction for the way the mainstream left will take on Jimmy Doore. Throughout history we have seen this story the bike use of slander and circumstance. I feel sad to make this prediction but I almost feel like it's a forgone conclusion. And let's face it Jimmy Doore really could start a shouting match and get totally entrapped in it.

  8. How would Trump dupe the whole , left and elite, and the media, and get his fascist military, police and secret service collaborators, and FBI in control of the Capitol and state capitols, behind security walls, and in place to pull off the real coup on January 20? Pull a faux Looney speech, send in the useful idiots to occupy the Capitol, them sit back and watch the naive politicians who don't understand strategy low, high, or Machiavellian, set it all up in fear and over reaction, then just let it rip with the real forces set in motion , all his opposition voter themselves executions at the impeachment as well. Hope not but it could be.

  9. The Capitol Siege is the result of planning on the part of the Democrats and the 5 deaths are at the feet of Pelosi and Schumer! …and those that would cancel people and censor ARE the real Fascists!!! ANTIFA is FASCIST!!! The left always projects what they are and do toward the right!!! …and let's not forget that the real violence comes from the left!!! It was the Democrats who slaughtered indigenous people, enslaved Blacks, wrote segregation and Jim Crow laws, broke up the black family via the Great Society, not to mention the murder of black and brown babies to fulfill Margaret Sanger's dream through her legacy of Planned Parenthood!!! Democrats are innately evil!!!

  10. I’m sorry but AOC has to play the game …if she declares war on Pelosi what chance will she have to get anything done ? And in all honesty Chris hedges gets put in my YouTube line up regularly…he says he’s being blackballed ?