America in 2021: Everything is Accelerating….

Cataloging the madness…I mean *cough* the progress.

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Written by reallygraceful


  1. They don't even have a real Isolate of the alleged culprit virus. Billy and freaki Fauci took out patents on the alleged culprit and the dodgy test.

  2. Oh so now covid gives you brain fog, organ failure , clots, ect . This is all a cover for the adverse reactions to the covid jab , so we believe covid is fatal , even tho its the jab giving these awfull reactions and long "covid" lasting effects .

  3. Hopefully they will push our military too far and they will remember their OATH to uphold the constitution and eradicate those who want to change our country into a communist socialist country. Not to mention the genocide that is taking place in America. Wonder when the organ harvesting starts.

  4. NYC wants to drive out New Yorkers and drive down real estate values so the elites can scoop up real estate once property values drop. The plandemic is a financial play.

    Use cash. Don’t let them digitize and track every transaction.

  5. Isn't any non-medical entity demanding to see medical records to provide service to patrons a violation of HIPPA rights? Something is off about gyms and restaurants in New York demanding vaccine records. Very Draconian.

  6. You are absolutely correct as I see it to carry out all the way to 2022 elections. I sure hope the rest of america wakes up. I have my faith on god ,def not in man

  7. Why would anyone take the jab when 75% of new cases are those who took it? Not to mention the possible side effects, immunity for pharmaceutical companies, no long term studies done. I thought demonrats (that were completely against it are now forcing it) believe; my body my choice”?
    Guess it only pertains to murdering babes

  8. You know as well as most of us do.. This was planned from the get go. And they have lots more instore for4 us. Thing is.. they cant make u vax!! Never will !! N they know that. Way tooooo many to vaxxxx.. But they will try to scare us.. Thats for sure.

  9. Geez Louise! Doesn’t anyone get a cold anymore? How about a sore throat, poison ivy? What has become of us? Let me tell you all something. If I’m too sick to drive to work, I’m sure as hell not going to drive to Walgreens to have a swab shoved up my nose.

  10. It's ALL about population control, Pray Up and Stand Up, they are stealing American "Freedoms" as fast as their little Dim brains can concoct new fear porn…

  11. According to the Nuremberg code. No country cant use experimental drugs or vaccines on people. Covid-19 vaccine is experimental because its not approved by by the FDA

  12. The difference between a "lone wolf nut-job" and a patriotic revolution, is the number of people. I'm just waiting for enough of my fellow men to get sick of all of this. But something tells me I'll be waiting awhile. Western men in particular seem to have become very corrupt, servile, and effeminate. There may actually be no limit to their compliance.