America Is Being TORN In HALF, It Is Visible At Every Level Of Normal Everyday Life

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join Daniel Turner, founder and executive director of Power The Future (PTF), and journalist and former Navy officer Jack Posobiec to discuss America’s increasing division, visible in everyday life.

Daniel Turner
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Jack Posobiec
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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. If we don't abolish ALL Public Schools and STOP ALL tax dollars going to universities this country will be destroyed before the next ten years is over. The destruction of this country is starting in school!

  2. Megan Rapinoe is a total narcissist. I’m totally in love with Tamyra Mensah-Stock! Seeing her wrapped in the flag, oozing patriotism brought tears to my eyes! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I hate cops!!! Just I know they're necessary because we have weak and defenseless people in America..if democrats get all up in the crushers face and yell at them to where it's a self defense type scenario the crushers should be able to smash the skulls of the Democrats ,,shoot ifn you loot .. get back to taking back america..I don't steal ,,if I'm short on funds ( under 23) I asked or didn't have what I wanted..I survived and most of the time I got more than my fill of whatever I was out trying to get..

  4. Machiavelli , "Republics are fast to turn to oligarchy."
    Completely correct.
    It isn't true that America is a new thing. It really isn't. It's still a form of Republic and we have had countless failed experiments with Republics.

  5. One half of the country wants to be allowed to work and support their families and be left the fvck alone. The other half wants to vote away your money and property you earned with your labor for the 'common good', while they don't work, because their job is 'community organizer/activist', and won't leave people the fvck alone.

  6. 07:00 This is the major point regarding the entire woke cult and how fucking stupid it is. These shitheads enjoy all of the fruits of the United State's success, and the live it at the expense of all of the actual people at the bottom. Here's the thing. There will always be a bottom 20%. They are still living in the top 1%, but bitching about how everyone else is complicit, when they are too. These people are fucking narcissistic monsters.

  7. George Carlin was right. The government doesn't want a country of critical thinkers, who are smart enough to figure out how bad they're being fucked by a government that threw them overboard 30 years ago.

  8. Its not just America, but the guy speaking around 10 minutes in about the economic stuff going on in the background is hitting very close.
    SOMETHINGS happened in the 70s.
    In the 60s, Ceo's used to make 20 x the average worker.
    Now Ceo's are earning 200 x the average workers.
    Average workers wages have STAGNATED for 60 years. I think we are all starting to see it now though, life is just falling apart all over the place because of this. Working hard is not respected anymore, family units are falling apart we have so many kids raised by single mothers, dating worlds a wreck women don't respect good men, people are getting lumbered with university debt on useless degrees, and people are raging on twitter over the most meaningless stupid things following this WOKE culture…
    I really do think the wage gaps that have widened out of control between the rich and pool, while destroying the middle class, is 1 very big part of the problem.

  9. I'm the mean time… I just got my CDL about to start driving next week and make more money… miss me with all the bullshit I'll be on the road… if everyone just minded their own business the world would be a better place.

  10. The common enemy is radicalism, the sponsor's are desperately staying hidden,
    The agenda is global consolidation power

    The common denominators were:

    1. The Declaration of independence
    2. The Constitution
    3. The Bill of Rights
    4. The English language
    5. The American Dollar
    6. Standardized education
    7. American values, self reliance

  11. I pledge allegance to the flag of the corporate states of America .
    And to the plutocracy for which it stands one nation that lost GOD
    With liberty and congress for sale.

  12. Id imagine when you live on a computer/camera like these guys it seems that way. When you go out and talk to actual random people its not that bad. Most want the same things and happiness.

  13. It’s all been engineered. Until we stop banging our heads trying to figure out why why why, we are not going to salvage what is left. We need to address all these issues from a viewpoint of …we know what you are doing to this country and we are not going to tolerate it.

  14. I'm always troubled when you guys talk about China like it's some kind of imperialist nation period That's the last thing they are is anything like us. They're not imperialist they're not trying to force anything down our throat. The idiots in this country are doing it to themselves you guys should really take a hard look at yourself before you start picking on other people. Remember when you got one finger pointing at somebody there's three fingers pointing right back at you