America is Collapsing (its over)


America is COLLAPSING as inflation and supply chain shortages hit TERRIFYING levels not seen since the Great Depression. 4.3 MILLION people quit as GREAT RESIGNATION continues to get worse. Inflation hits staggering new highs as the supply chain crises hits all time lows. Biden is driving the country into the ground. #Biden #BidensAmerica #BidenInflation

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Written by MR. OBVIOUS


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  1. Can we please stop calling them “idiots”? We need to spread the truth! They’re nothing close to idiots! They’re evil and all is going according to their plan.

  2. 1. Stop Tim Pooling it.
    2. My wife just quit her second job because her first job, the one she absolutely loves, offered her enough hours to make rent and, frankly, fuck that second job.

  3. Love how I saw a YouTube short mocking some imaginary person for calling in with his two weeks notice due to disagreeing with the vaccine mandate with its ultimate end message being “we’ll easily find someone willing to follow the mandate to replace you”. Yeah let’s see how that’ll turn out

  4. The crazy thing is similar shit is happening in the UK and the EU. There's probably a ton of licenced HGV drivers but not enough people want to drive trucks due to the insane regulations and unsociable hours.

    The current labour market needs an overhaul ASAP.

  5. They don’t pay enough you fkn numbnut. Mr obvious doesn’t think the obvious. You should change your name, it makes you look arrogant. You don’t deserve that name

  6. Sure you can blame the "other" side of the Overton window with their soft vaccine mandate, but not come to the correct conclusion that this is a boom and bust cycle of capitalism. This time though Americans are waking up from the neo liberal lie of the American Dream. The change we need isn't going to come from the two right wing parties in this country.

  7. I been waiting for Biden to prove himself so far he don’t I can’t believe half of country voted trump out because mean tweets, past life, being accused of being a racist without proof

  8. I just bought a house. Bring on the inflation, I'd love to pay it off in a single shift.

    For a food storage plan, get a plastic container at Walmart and start filling it in the cart with rice, flour, pasta, canned veggies, condiments like ketchup and mayo, sauces, and canned meats. I bought easily 70lbs worth of food for $102. Canned mushrooms go a long way. Get the generic brand canned goods. Want an easy recipe, look up indian fry bread. Its just flour, baking powder, water, salt, shortening, and fried in oil. Canned chicken with some canned diced tomatoes make a real treat. Instant cheese powder makes a good sauce. Enjoy the apocalypse in culinary style!

  9. Just curious what Policies by Biden caused this to happen. Also, how many of the 4.3 million that resigned did so to go to higher paying jobs? – The abundance of opportunities may be helping to fuel the wave of quitting: The government’s tally includes people who left jobs to take other, perhaps better-paying, positions — or who didn’t have another job lined up but were confident they could find one — as well as those choosing to leave the work force. (The figure does not include retirements, which are counted separately.)

  10. America won't last five years the way the democrats are destroying everything. They are destroying it from within as the people do nothing. Crime has already climbed to an all-time high. The unemployment rate is about to hit record highs. The homeless rate has hit a record high. Home foreclosure will be increasing over the next month. Gas will be over ten dollars a gallon by January. The media has been silent about all this.

  11. Yup haven't worked for 4 years I'm so sick of working 😒 hard ass labor work getting under paid honesty with no results at the end of the day 😑 unrealistic hours treated like crap even when I put my best foot forward seen this shit fuckery for years my farther worked his ass off for almost 50 years just to die violently with nothing and his land taken from the government and I didn't even see a dime of it so discouraged so fatigued so fed up with this all so sick of all this psy ops 😢💔 bullshit so sick of all this no straight yes or no questions anymore I have grown 90 years beyond my years so emotionally hardened

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