America Needs Third Parties w/Professor Richard Wolff

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Edited by Michael Wurum

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  1. Third parties are locked out, the Green party etc had no access to televised platforms , they're banned ,so you're doomed for 70 years of propaganda and lies , having 1 choice ,corporate corrupt party , social misery & death exported abroad & internally

  2. The god of money is the most powerful of all the gods.
    You and I struggle against it; we fight to deny it.
    You doubt it?
    Look in the mirror.
    What do you see?
    Look all around you.
    What do you see?
    Does money make right?
    Money makes what is
    … in sight.
    Feel free to take it as a slight.
    Principles and values can make might.
    One [ You ] must be willing to fight.
    Not with words you speak or write.
    Only fighting and dying, regrettably, are true.
    What you say, think, [ write, feel ] believe means nothing, or next to nothing; the only consequence is what you do.
    Why am I wrong?
    Oh!, wait, “What the government should …”
    Yeah, that’s the ticket. The government should “do” …”. Not me do; not I do; not you do. “… government should do …”
    Yeah, that’s the ticket.
    The old idol is dead. The new idol is dying. The question is not what the government should do. The question is what should you, me, we, I do?

    dennis hanna

  3. What the fuck is wrong w the Green Party? We've had an established 3rd party for
    decades, that's on most state ballots and also in Europe, so it
    can be global. I resent the MPP for the thunder it steals from a 3rd party, the Greens,
    with the same platform. Yes, that MPP get together in DC was another
    feel-good event, but why not put all of our united energies to an
    already-established 3rd party with a platform that has consistently been
    for the People? How about hiring enough folks to repair our abysmal infrastructure? Kills 2 birds. But–as Jimmy has rightly pointed out ad nauseum, The Dems don't care if they lose. They know how to win; they don't care. The Dems are beyond redemption.

  4. COMFORTABLE PROFESSOR ISN'T READY TO FIGHT FOR A REVOLUTION. GAWD, HE'S AWFUL. and pretends to be a Marxist. FUCK THE LEFT. Only the working class will go all the way. Unionize EVERYWHERE. He don't talk about union strength. HE JUST TALKS.

  5. We don't have government, we have goobermint. A retirement home where the inbred children of the obscenely rich are sent to feel self important but can't really hurt anything!

  6. This uy is a joke. You can't just create 26 million jobs overnight and definitely the government can't create 26 million jobs overnight. Is it another pie-in-the-sky socialist Utopia idea that's never going to happen. Like you're going to cure homelessness when it's a choice for a lot of them. That sounds like Soviet rhetoric to me. Fuck this guy seriously!

  7. Stop acting like leaders (public or private) care… the one's who challenge power are taken to fields and shot long before the guillotines come out for them… you fools… wake the hell up.

  8. It seems like many people in this country question the legitimacy of a government like this present government we have here in America. Income inequality has brought this economic system down. At this moment we stand looking around at the system on the brink of ruin, and collapse. Both political parties are shattered between populists, and establishmentarians. It's funny

  9. Money Printer go BRRRRRRR….deep depression and the beginning of A new hell that began then… Because Angry guy says so… Authoritarian much?!?!?!?!

  10. Both establishment parties are controlled by corporate money. It's as simple as that. Congress has been marching to the right ever since they legalized taking the billionaire oligarchs' bribes. You can't overcome corruption with sweet talk. You have to have an influential 3rd party to call the crooks out for what they are and what they're doing, and it has to be permanent to get and keep things on track. One of the top priorities has to be campaign finance reform.

  11. It's funny how lately, since this Capitol riot Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are both out talking about how important it is to have a strong Republican party. These two are more concerned with the health of the GOP than they are with the health, and well being of the people. That's because the GOP is their partner in crime. Too bad because the GOP is toast, and the Democrats will be toast along with them, if they don't take swift action to keep the whole system from falling apart real fast. If the largest protests in American history, followed be an blatant attack on the Capitol aren't enough to convince the political elites that they need to get off their asses, and help all the people that need help, then maybe they're just too out of touch, and they're doomed.

  12. You can’t make homeless people do anything unless they do it willingly. And a large portion sadly don’t want your help. They don’t even have to stay in drug treatment unless a judge orders it, and even then they can walk out at anytime.

  13. By the time you get enough citizens to band together, society itself would have collapsed. How many more generations have to suffer before we come together? Sadly it appears a lot.

  14. Let's cut out the BS. The third party these people are talking about would be the COMMUNIST party of The New World Order. This current Fascist government is not working for them.

  15. given the historical example of FDR, the lesson is that he didnt go far enough, capitalism always corrupts, overthrowing the capitalist death cult is the only solution, but they have done a great job at indoctrination

  16. No! One teacher for every 4 students!? BullSh!t!
    We couldn’t even work out a 1:30 ratio before. What’s this hocus pocus?! There’s not enough teachers or money for that. Get teachers with the balls to teach a class. We’re about to ruin a generation of kids due to fear. If teachers don’t wanna teach, don’t. Stand aside. Let someone else do it! STAND ASIDE