American Academy of Pediatrics is Broken, Failed, Political Organization

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. I wrongly assumed this video was going to be on the kids being mutilated and put on medical pathways by pro trans ideologically captured clinics. Whilst I agree with your points I think kids being told they're born in the wrong body is a much more serious issue right now than anything related to masks or peanuts etc, no disrespect intended. Given that children are being castrated and fed puberty blockers I think this has to be the most important issue of the day. It's shocking how this has been allowed to take hold given that there's no science behind it. That aside, great content. Masking kids seems so silly to me, but then I'm English.

  2. Your pov is great….but also I love the camera and lighting setup.

    If you did that all yourself I hate you cause you are good at everything and camera and lighting is my job and I definitely can't do your job.

  3. On the back of COVID school closures, masking, etc. now comes the gender bs pushed on children. I took my 10 YEAR OLD to the doctor last week related to allergies and was given a questionnaire to fill out asking me whether my child preferred males, females, etc. sexually (sexual orientation) and whether my child had any surgically enhanced or removed sex organs……among multiple other questions including preferred pronouns, etc. My jaw hit the floor, I was livid……put big X’s through it and turned it in with a stink eye, daring them to say anything. As a licensed healthcare professional myself, I am absolutely disgusted with the healthcare system and all the professionals who blindly follow to the point of doing harm. Best advice…..stay the hell away from them unless absolutely necessary. 🤷‍♀️

  4. The AAP’s assertion that teachers, caretakers, and other adults wearing masks has no proven effect on children’s speech development, because “visually impaired” children have been shown to develop speech normally, is a rhetorical trick. When they refer to “visually impaired,” most of us think of “blind.” However, the American Academy of Ophthalmology defines visual impairment as the best-corrected visual acuity of less than 20/40 in the better eye, and the CDC defines "vision impairment" to mean that a person's eyesight cannot be corrected to a "normal level." According to the CDC, vision impairment may result in a loss of visual acuity, where an individual does not see objects as clearly as the average person, and/or in a loss of visual field, meaning that an individual cannot see as wide an area as the average person without moving the eyes or turning the head. Having vision that is not quite at a “normal level” or having perfect vision ahead, but lacking some peripheral vision in the left eye, is far from “blind,” and would be expected to not have a significant effect on speech development. Be careful of the terms AAP uses in their assertions.

  5. Another excellent video. Unfortunately, most of these establishment organizations ONLY CARE about POWER, not their patients. They become to comfortable and arrogant and lost their way.

  6. All 4 of my children were exposed to micro tastes of homemade peanut butter from approx. 2 mos on. No allergies. Did that with all foods from the very beginning. Was told absolutely not to. Oh well .. common sense wins again!!

  7. The entire medical education system controlled by big pharma hospital health care health agency government agency osha FDA NIH and their scientists doctors researchers nurses experts bought and sold main stream and social media are all corrupt!

    The planned demic and all major puppet governments local state federal global official health organizations have zero good reputation no trust faith and should never be listened to again

  8. How are we supposed to trust the medical industry at all? They're mainly dealers for big pharma. For most of my life I've been prescribed anti-cholinergics for things like allergies, just to find out in my sixties, by researching COVID on the NIH website, that there's a direct correlation between anti-cholinergics & dementia. Not one doctor or pharmacist ever mentioned anything about this. Ever. Just kept on prescribing slow acting brain poison. If I would have been given the choice between rhinitis & dementia, which one do you think I'd choose? Street corner dealers are more honest than doctors. At least they admit they're peddling poison.

  9. As someone who also has always considered myself a democrats in the past. I have learned that now that any party can become corrupt. I am now going to be the person who stands with whatever side is less corrupt and makes more sense! That's the beauty of 2 parties. Lesson learned- that I can never just believe the so called media, who is made an enemy, one political party or their paid institutions! ( now I fear the green new deal. Let's get out of

  10. It’s not just paediatrics, it’s your whole profession, it has been a complete disgrace this last two years, every single doctor that denied natural immunity should loose their license as a bare minimum

  11. Thank you Vinay for continuing to speak out against toxic insanity! I think Covid has shown us that pretty much every medical organization has failed us. Any pediatrician that signs off on the barbaric and permanently damaging gender affirming therapy currently in vogue is either a coward or criminally stupid. Any pediatrician that signs off on a healthy toddler or newborn getting a covid vaccine, the same. I could go on but imagine that most here get the point.

  12. This is so funny/not funny. I have read that 80-90% of communication is non-verbal. Our lack of understanding of non-verbal communication is epidemic, with people watching people on the television and not realizing that crossing the arms, the facial tics, the playing with hair or stroking the chin, these all are meaningful with some variance, of course, between individuals. But I suppose non-verbal communication isn't a thing if it's not studied. "Believe what I say, not what I do (or you see)." The body never lies.

  13. You really “don’t know why they’re doing this”?it’s obvious, as you mentioned, they’re been captured by the politics, particularly the far Left. Is that the side you yourself identify with?

  14. Dr Prasad, the same thing is going on with “gender affirming care” in the US and with the AAP. Here is a new policy statement from Sweden talking about why they are pulling back. But in the US if you even question if it’s a good idea to cut the breasts off 15yr olds, puberty blockers & then cross sex hormones starting at 9/10 in some cases, you must be a hateful bigot that wants kids to die. It’s insanity and not evidence driven. But here we are.

  15. Masking children is causing autism-like outcomes. Slowed, delayed and non-existence verbal reading of others, lacking in social cues and failed speech.
    This failure for these children will affect 100,000s children with result in lifelong injury.
    Experts, medical 'professionals', teachers, etc.. who demanded this known at the time to be a failed policy incl Fauci must face legal responsibility for their decision.
    As a society we MUST learn from this and weed to people out who caused it.

  16. Its time for TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME to be recognized as an actual disease. I live amongst the libtards in the northeast and these people are not “progressive”, they are RADICAL! VP seems to have regressed back to libtardia. Energy Independence, Secure Borders, FREEDOM, No Wars, low crime, and vibrant economy… these were Trump/MAGA ideals, what could you possibly disagree on these?!? Or maybe you support the gender changing surgeries for babies?!!

  17. My pediatrician told me to avoid giving my kids anything that was a known allergen such as peanuts and strawberries until they were 2. I used my best judgement determining that there were NO peanut and strawberry allergies in my husband or my families so I gave my kids peanut butter and strawberries when they were able to start eating food.

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