American Academy of Pediatrics wants DRUGS, SURGERIES on Young Kids

This organisation’s shocking behaviour over the last 3 years has reached a new low. I have a special message for them.

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Written by Dr. Suneel Dhand


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  1. The American Academy of Pediatrics is completely wrong. When I was a child, my pediatrician discovered that I was overweight. My doctor's prescription was this: "Cut back on the desserts and get some more exercise." There was absolutely no mention of drugs and surgeries to control weight. That recommendation is conspicuously bad.👿

  2. According to our observations, you are 100% correct. There is a wind of insanity , we are all suffering from. It starts with the greed of some factions that see us, the People. as their personal commodities, to exploit , manipulate and control . We need to stop this, before we all turn into their slaves. Thank you for bringing it up !!!!! It is a tragedy in the making.

  3. The good thing to come out of the pandemic is the start of the wake up to the corruption in pharma, the regulatory agencies and the pharma paid for ‘professional’ accociations. The AAP is simply starting the pharma lifetime customer pipeline early….

  4. Society is an absolute mess, everything is interlinked and it starts with the deliberate breakdown of the family – mum’s going out to work means them relying on factory food because it’s easier but it’s all a con. Well done for exposing yet another organisation which outwardly appears to be acting for the best interests of children but really is a corrupt vehicle ‘owned’ by pharma. The more we learn what’s happening the sooner we wake up and start thinking for ourselves.

  5. Over in Australia, they tried putting the HIV protein in the vaccine, didn’t go over well, Check out on YouTube, “ University of Queensland covid vaccine terminated over false positive,

  6. What a crock, the simple fact that obesity rates have risen so dramatically latterly should inform anyone whose interested that this is not to do with a persons biology, that fundamental biology hasn’t changed for a million years or so.

  7. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well said Dr. What is going on in the U.K. too is an utter disgrace. Pharma and many medical professionals want to keep us hooked on drugs and other medical interventions. It’s all about money, not our health. So much processed food in the U.K. now and Chefs who cook real, whole foods finding obtaining a job increasingly difficult.

  8. 4 months ago I was struggling to walk with painful swollen joints and was over weight. I gave up sugar and processed food now I feel great and healthy. Problems solved without any medical interventions.

  9. DARPA all zhe way… eLawnMusk is just the frontMan…Roths Childs Khazarian Georgia 🇬🇪 mafiya hiding bhind juishNames….We hv infilzratd all zhe world govermints- Herr KlausSchwab ….

  10. These evil organisations are merely further symptoms of the collapse of the western mind, part of which is an almost total collapse of morality within all official organisations and commercial corporations.

  11. I’ll never forget a documentary about an obese boy—his mother was reprimanding him for eating fattening junk food he took from their fridge!! The irony is that she was the one who bought that “food” 🙄😡

  12. If you have enough income to provide the basics, a grocery store in your neighbourhood which has good fresh vegetables and other staples, then you can say this is a lifestyle problem. If you don't have those things (and a few others of importance), it's a poverty and inequality problem. You can chart the growth of one tightly with the growth of the other.

    It's not all a one-solution matter. We definitely need to get the toxic, anti-health substances out of the food supply. It still annoys me the number of additives and chemicals accepted into foods in Canada and the U.S. that are not allowed in Europe. Additionally, in Europe, you have to prove your additive is completely safe for human consumption; in Canada and U.S. you show that it is not lethal or immediately harmful. (Basically, put it out for sale and recall if necessary.)

    Despite the foregoing, I find the lack of concerted engagement from individual doctors, their supposed representative organizations, hospitals, etc. on the issue of children in poverty and its increased numbers disappointing, but not really surprising. What's happening is a rational outcome to having the profit-motive play a vital part in healthcare.

  13. You are absolutely correct. In the USA the pharmaceutical/ medical machine is completely corrupt. They intentionally over prescribe medication to healthy people so they can treat the oncoming side effects with more drugs and referrals to specialists bringing more tests and what else but more meds. They intentionally turn healthy people into sickly life Long cash cows. It's nice that people are learning this. Those that knew this refused the jab for obvious reasons.

  14. Yes clown world yet many in the fat acceptance brigade will welcome these interventions of drugs and surgery. This plays right into their deep beliefs that their disgusting obesity isn't their fault.

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