American Board of Internal Medicine Sends THREATENING Letter to Doctor Researching COVID-19

In this video, Dr. Naomi Wolf joins Dr. Peter McCullough to discuss a threatening letter he received from the American Board of Internal Medicine, who have threatened to strip him of Board Certification based on his extensive and heavily-cited, breakthrough research on COVID-19, the long-lasting effects of natural immunity, and dangers of the mRNA vaccines.

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  1. don't kid yourself that this is just happening to doctors who make comments contrary to the official regime narrative. the tendrils of a govt with unlimited resources wind their way into our lives via many paths. the intel orgs vacuum up all kinds of information about us, indirectly and through our mobile phones and social media. students are subject to social shame circles, small businesses are hobbled by the payment processing systems, professionals and individuals are chilled by the similar methods applied to employers and professional organizations and through licensing boards and these are all beholding to the federal govt for funding. the biden doj and ag garland's finger prints are all over, eg the letter to school board orgs, other agencies and even billboards to create a Stasi like civilian network of rats.
    #RememberItAll #RememberToVote

  2. What the hell is in this vaccine that all major world governments are trying to FORCE on the people?? The U.S. government has proven time and time again they cannot be trusted as have all main stream media outlets ,hospitals and the list keeps growing. I will never take a vaccine nor will I believe anything that any politician says.

  3. Naomi… I'm just loving your work. I just got my copy of Bodies of Others.

    Thanks so much for this interview with Peter Mccullough, MD. I think it would be a super blessing to have him as my doctor. He's one with evident integrity and is trustworthy, unlike all those entrenched in the Rockefeller medicine system who now suffer from either fear of others or mass formation psychosis.

    I was astonished to see that the Hippocratic oath invoked the Greek gods Apollo, Aesclepius, Hygeiea, Panacea and all the gods and goddesses. (I guess I shouldn't be as it has its origins in ancient Greece.) Is that the ancient form only, or do doctors still recite and swear it as presented in your video?

    I love when you quote Scripture. I hope you're also reading the New Testament. I heard you say in another video that you love Jesus… that he's your rabbi. Consider that He is the prophesied Messiah, the atonement for all the sins of believers and only way of eternal life. His gospel is for the Jew first, and then the gentile. (Romans 1:16)

  4. This is exactly what they did to the homeopaths and osteopaths back in the day. Few people know that there were 12 homeopathic hospitals in NY state alone, and that during the Spanish flu epidemic they had very low mortality rates compared to the conventional medicine hospitals, which often had mortality rates of over 25%, where the homeopathic hospitals were less than 1%. With the rise of Rockefelllar funded AMA, FDA and big pharma, they took away their licenses, confiscated the hospitals and turned them into state psychiatric wards. Big pharma does not like competition and will go after anyone who threatens their monopoly.

  5. They cause over 1200 adverse reactions and that is written in their own data that they have finally released to the public having tried to hide it which is fraudulent in itself. The Doctor is only stating the obvious so this board has no case.

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