American Comedian Destroys Australia

American comedian jokes Australians love lockdowns because they are ‘lazy descendants of criminals’ who don’t want to work and restrictions aren’t that bad because they just want to ‘get hammered in their backyards’

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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  1. When isaac was talking about how many people have lost money and jobs one of the videos he was showing a dude smoking a cigarette. their expensive yet he has money for durries. i laughed me ass off at that bit

  2. The only lie Tim Dylan said was that we like lockdowns and don't resist because were lazy.

    The truth is that we hate lockdowns and there are plenty of protests against them.

  3. Tim Dillon is a bit of a hypocrite lol. He doesn't look like he's lifted more than a hamburger or hot dog. The hardest work he's done is to get out of the chair he is sitting in.

  4. Dead set been stuck in the shitest shithole for over a month now in a city that hasn't had a single case ever just wanna get outta here and get back to qld.

    Fuck goes on any longer ill be calling up 9 news telling how bad covid has effected my life or sum bull shit haha… Tbh I just wanna be home so I can sink piss with the boys in the back yard

  5. We love Australians, but we hate your government, like we do our own. Tim is a national treasure. A lot of us over here are watching that authoritarian bullshit, and we’re horrified. This won’t stop, it’ll happen more and intensify. Love from Texas homie

  6. I've been pretty happy to read about the protests going on in Australia. I was getting worried you guys were just going lie down and let your government fuck you in ass. Seems like you guys are sick of it, and that's good.

  7. Ever since Australia has came out as a total police state who took all the rights away from their citizens, they’ve lost all credibility with me. Lol Get your balls back and stand up for yourselves, then come at me!

  8. Fam I don't know what main stream media you keep watching but here in the U.S this force vaccine can possibly kick off a civil war! And you Aussie are on the worse lock down I ever seen in the free world, us conservatives do watch Avi Yemeni from rebel news and see your communist lock downs!

  9. Speaking as an American. I feel the Aussies are our closest relatives globally. I am shocked that they are not fighting these lockdowns more. Plus, after hearing about the rescue dogs, I am shocked the Aussies aren’t getting more riled up.