American Election Hacker Testifies

American computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis is seen in this video testifying under oath in front of the U.S. House Judiciary Members in Ohio.

He tells the members how he was hired by Congressman Tom Feeney in 2000 to build a prototype software package that would secretly rig an election to sway the result 51 / 49 to a specified side.

He explains that it would be undetectable and only takes 100 lines of code to implement, watch it and then think about where your vote is really going 🙂

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Written by hack247


  1. At the behest of Rep. Tom Feeney, in September 2000, he was asked to write a program for a touchscreen voting machine that would make it possible to change the results of an election undetectably.[10] Curtis assumed initially that this effort was aimed at detecting Democratic fraud, but later learned that it was intended to benefit the Republican Party.

  2. Fakty mówią same za siebie! Wniosek z tego jest taki, że Wall Street zza kurtyny wydaje polecenia Prezydentowi, a gdy ten nie posłucha, Wall Street go usuwa lub też robi przewrót i obsadza kolejnego, który będzie posłuszny! Czy nie nasuwa się skojarzenie notorycznych zamachów na męską linię rodową rodziny Kennedych? Albo na Abrahama Lincolna, Louisa McFaddena, Jamesa Garfielda, McKinley'a, których łączyła jedna charakterystyczna i nierozerwalna cecha – DZIAŁANIA ATAKUJĄCE LOBBY NOWOJORSKICH BANKIERÓW, CO UMOŻLIWIAŁY IM ICH WYSOKIE STANOWISKA POLITYCZNE, KTÓRE ZAJMOWALI? Lub też nieudanych zamachów na Nixona i Reagana? Albo afery Watergate? Przypadek? Teoria spiskowa? NIE! FAKTY!


  4. Edward Snowden already released evidence that the US we has done this to foreign nations, even our allies. The US also implemented sleeper programs to disable their electrical power, implement satellite disruptions, sabotage foreign companies and banks data, and more.

  5. Clinton Curtis is NOT A HACKER he's a programmer. Mis-titled Video, he was also a Republican. When he was approached by Top State Republicans in Florida (during the Jeb Bush Administration). He has another video describing after he filed this complaint with the National Election Committee , he came found his German Shepard shot in the backyard. Message Sent and Delivered.

  6. I could see the possibilities, I mean Hillary did get the popular vote, where as anybody that is actually educated on politics and understands that the mainstream media is rigged, knows damn well she really did not get the popular vote and anyone that wants to argue this go look at Hillary's campaign speeches, she struggled to get town halls n high school gyms filled up, there is even evidence n a local newspaper article about about how they(Clinton campaign) had rigged a speech by having everybody sit on one side of this auditorium n close the back half room separating doors and gathered up all the volunteers for the function to take pics n opted out from any video(and others did take their own pics n it shows the volunteers as they were all dressed the same) they did the same for one that was televised having all sit to one side n darkened the lighting enough so tou could not tell if it was actual people or just the seats n then you had Trump selling out stadiums n still having 10's of thousands outside in overflow. Q did say that they are ready to prevent n catch any voter fraud for 2020, why do think when the DNC called for an investigation, Trump said ok let's do it, they quickly back peddled n they never brought it up again and that was the Rep. plan not to expose it yet cause now everything is getting exposed bout the pure evil n corruption of the Dems n the fake Reps that everyone now knows is/was not a real Rep n just a set up/a show to help secure the Dem pres election(McCain/Romney).

  7. I smell BS. I have worked in ATM software/security in the past. Thousands of people could write code to cash out an ATM or alter a voting machine – that's not the point. He makes it sound like he would just walk in and add his 100 lines of code. Yeah like procedures are not in place to stop rogue programmers FFS! "you'd have to look at the source code to detect it". Well he is correct code auditing would have detected it but checksums would certainly have detected any alterations (yes – even back then). Also – touch screen technology was not widely being used in 2000 and certainly not for a mass number of voting machines – it was too expensive. Reading up on this guy – he never mentioned this in the book he wrote?

  8. Given they select (not elect) the president, would they really need such a thing? This could just be another psy-opp to make people think this is what's causing "goofy" outcomes in an effort to hide their agenda further ~