American Mirage (2022) | Official Documentary

Illegal immigration to America is at a 20 year high, with millions of illegals from South America and Mexico making their way north in hopes of entering America’s “golden door”. A door they view as leading to paradise, their ticket to wealth and prosperity. The colossal influx has not only become too much for America’s border to bear, but has begun to engulf Mexico in chaos as well.

The American migration system is fundamentally broken, and as such it is breaking the very people it was made to help.

American Mirage chronicles the illegal migration and caravan crisis throughout Mexico en route to the United States. How the failure to enforce consistent and real border policies has resulted in a hellish pandemonium for migrants, Mexicans and Americans alike. #AmericanMirage


Lauren Southern
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Catch Up/Ian Miles Cheong

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  1. Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible! The wonderfully talented Jon Du Toit, our translator Fabio, security Juan and all those who support my work. (I see you Scott W)

    Looking forward to many more documentaries in the future 🙂

  2. Many of these immigrants (not all of course) are entitled cry babies. I would feel bad for them, and I do, but I have no patience or tolerance for people with a sense of entitlement.

  3. the inconvinient truth is that america has always mostly been a slave nation,they went from obvious slavery to slavery through having to manny laws that arent helpfull but actualy greatly limit freedoms,and in the resent decade upto the last years this has become realy obvious.
    when i say this people always comment but we are very free,o realy why dont you try doing as you like without hurting annyone and see how quickly "the law"is coming for you,walk outside in youre underwear or stop paying taxes or go sleep in the park because you want to experience that see how fast the police comes down on you,you are not as free as you think.
    this isnt only in america though this happens in almost every country,we live on a slave planet where goverments want to make us believe we are free.
    and the flooding of imigrant has 2 reason 1 is to destabalize the culture and 2 is to just cause shit so people arent content and cant focus on balance and peace.
    if the goverments would focus there efforts and money towards the good of the people instead of into wars and conflicts all this wouldnt happen or atleast 80% less

  4. This mass immigration caravans are 100% encouraged and managed at the top level by Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), a Jewish Non-government organization. Everyone needs to understand this.

  5. Lol. This comment section is straight up cancerous if anyone plans on reading it. Everyone's just angry for reasons that they couldn't explain besides saying dumb shit like "If they come here, what's going to happen to me".

  6. I have been critical of Ms Southern . Naive and lazy commentary, hanging around that Keean twerp, and now this cheap POP from maga gun nuts but here is some solid journalism. First time hearing the name Tapachula. This is making more sense now as to these caravans. For the most part a good doc. Wouldn't kill you to learn some spanish along the way too. As to the boogyman UN funding this , come on, some poor Haitian or Brazilian is hinging his decision on this dangerous trek to learning the UN is handing out gift cards? Mexico is obviously trying to stop the flow as you report on the cat and mouse game. 100% of that UN money is going right into the MEX economy. Yes, its a mess. Shooting them at the river crossing is your solution? Sound bites and buzzwords don't equal a coherent policy. And get some sun, VIT D is good for you.

  7. Imagine paying for a concert ticket and five minutes into the show 100 people jump the fence to get in. Then instead of kicking them out, half the paying customers argued for them to stay. That’s our country.

  8. The Pyramid of Power

    Who Rules Today’s “Governments”?

    1 – Bank of England (1694-today)

    2 – Rothschild (1769-today)

    3 – Brotherhood of the Covenant (1843-today)

    4 – WZO – World Zionist Organization (1897-today)

    5 – Federal Reserve Bank (1913-today)

    6 – CFR – Council on Foreign Relations (1921-today)

    7 – CCP – Chinese Communist Party (1921-today)

    8 – BIS – Bank for International Settlements (1930-today)

    9 – World Bank Group (1944-today)

    10 – UN – United Nations (1945-today)

    11 – ISIS – Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (1948-today)

    12 – NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (1949-today)

    13 – Bilderberg Group (1954-today)

    14 – EU – European Union (1967-today)

    15 – Trilateral Commission (1973-today)

    16 – ECB – European Central Bank (1988-today)

    17 – AIIB – Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (2015-today)

    Welcome to the COVID WORLD ORDER.

  9. Methinks that the ultimate aim of the globalist cabal is the destruction of America and Canada……and illegal immigration is a tool they are funding to do it………Retired LEO.

  10. Wenn der politische Wille da ist kann man jedes Land vor illegaler Migration schützen, Ungarn und Polen z.B haben das bewiesen. Es sind die Asylindustrie und die unsäglichen NGO die stabile Länder mit der Migrationswaffe in die Knie zwingen wollen. Wo soll das denn enden? Alle reinlassen u alles verlieren?

  11. The British Labour party under Toney Blair started the immigration rush in order to crush Conservatives by flooding the country with left voting migrants. Look at the disaster now that the Left rules the west.

  12. The United Nations and the George Soros foundation and Joe Biden administration are the creator of this human crisis 🤨 They are all finding this migrants to destabilize countries. This migrants are putting their life in danger, they should stay in their countries and fight for it.

  13. We need to meet them at the border with gun's we can not afford these folk's with our form of welfare system when broke and going deeper in debt and have this crap to think about every time these folk's do not get their way. WHAT ABOUT OUR CHILDREN

  14. The statue of liberty is one of the freemason's largest physical brainwash subversions on the planet. We all fall for it until the day we wake up & smell the roses.

  15. Biden and his administration are evil and are more than likely going to kill these folk's or something worse like use them to attack we the people who believe in our constitution.

  16. Europe is going through a similar problem with those Africa and the Middle East, like the States our media and liberal/leftist elites are not just ignoring the problem and in some cases facilitating it. People have died crossing the English Channel and our government in the UK are doing little to nothing to stop it

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