American Volunteer Soldiers Used As “Cannon Fodder” In Ukraine

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  1. Remember this line from King Edward I "The Longshanks" of England in the movie Braveheart, about using foreign troops, "Arrows cost money. Send in the Irish. The dead cost nothing."

  2. Interviews like this wont see light of day on corporate media. The widely praised super Canadian sniper has not been heard from since he got to Ukraine.

  3. The trickery of getting people to WANT to VOLUNTEER to be CANNON FODDER reminds me of the movie ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. One of the earliest scenes in that movie was a group of very young people getting tricked into thinking that the war would be a big heroic exciting adventure and they were EAGER to go and "fight for their fatherland". They all ended up dead.

  4. You can't join a military conflict and then disobey orders. This guy is an idiot if you don't want to fight then don't volunteer, there not playing war over there and it has its own rules.

  5. Volunteer as in they aren't drafted, they still get paid. Sort of like how America has a volunteer army, meaning they aren't forced to go they volunteer to join the military.

  6. So, they volunteered to fight, but the moment the fighting starts, or they are told to deployed, they change their mind, and then get upset that they aren’t allowed to quit?

  7. russia are a real army…
    not psp 4 or 5…
    they are a real foe…
    and you have no chance to
    re spawn
    understand now why nato do not want a war with russia…
    it is a real force
    not isis,taliban, Iraqi, libyans or any poor country how can not put up a fight

  8. I do t care of the bad guys turn the other bad guys into dead bad guys, let’s just sit this whole thing out…. Maybe Germany can fight this world war solo since they started the last two, they kind of owe us

  9. The running to help in a war that they don’t know why they are even fighting! Vets from here went to fight there! They don’t even know what’s this war is about! Only what the media tells them, imagine their surprise when they find out what’s real

  10. Are you surprised?? Ukraine has been starved of weapons by Obama and others, Ukraine full stop has been used as cannon fodder because the Budapest agreement was just a piece of paper.. You seem to be in support of less weapons well, who do you expect to be prioritised when they’re so under resourced? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. Info: Usually, if Germans join a foreign Military Force, they will be prosecuted on retuern, although Scholz waved that. No prosecution for German "Volunteers". If you ask me, they had it coming to them. Not much of compassion for those morons. BESIDE, none of them seemed to be Professionals. Except, from what I hear from the "The Duran" some Brits Ex Special forces.

  12. Didn’t Biden send millions to these freaks? Once again these men have been sorely used, lied to and abandoned. Those are what our government are calling the good guys. Has they researched that country they probably won’t have went in the first place! I’m am idiot and I know what that countries about!

  13. Sweden’s talking heads that usually cast white-guilt on anyone for who resents the open immigration policy there…has taken an odd about face and started trying to solicit from the same racist section they normally chastise for the Ukrainian foreign legion. Guess we see why now….

  14. Some people forget what the Russians did just a few years ago. Their ships in the Caspian Sea sent cruise missiles across Iran, across Iraq, and into Syria to hit their targets. Missiles are cheap and plentiful, and have been a priority of Russian military-industrial research and modernization for the last 2 decades.

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