Americans Are Waking Up to Just How Terrible the Beijing Biden Economy Has Become

Confidence plummets:


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  1. I work in a market. I've had a dozen conversations in the last 48 hours about Biden's incompetency and many more in the last several months. The dissidents are growing restless. Lets hope nothing happens today to distract people further.

  2. I don't know how you take the pulse on the American public from thousands of miles away but let me tell you. You are dead wrong. 50% of the general public thinks he's great. Another 20% or so think we're better off with Biden over Trump.

  3. Well said Styx….I get so damn annoyed when people buy the shit the media and Democrats ( and even some Republicans ) say…I saw that we were being lied to and manipulated years ago and I aint the brightest bulb in the room…So seeing people still buying into these lies makes me disgusted with how stupid people really are.

  4. What Styx points out in his last sentence on all this: this is why most of us hate anyone who is even remotely well off at the moment, let alone actually "rich", honestly.
    This is why things like anarchy and/or civil war are less whispers and more becoming loud shouts of encouragement for such from almost everyone, at the moment – and I'm not just talking here on the internet. There are people IRL like you and me, ready to do this shit at any given moment.
    The question is, when it finally happens, not if, will anything really change for the better, of all of us who ain't well off, that is?

  5. Dude, the economy is on the mend. Prices are stabilizing. Stores are stocked. Things are calm. The Trump economy sucked. Couldn't buy anything. Paid people not to work. Had to wear masks all the time. Styxx in cognitive dissonance?

  6. It doesn't matter …the same people who voted for Bident will vote for another PoS Democrat candidate who will promise them everything and deliver nothing. The only president who didn't do that for a change, was the most unjustly vilified person in history by the same "Media" that helped put Bident in place

  7. I imagine it like pulling out a tape measure straight out into the air. You don't know how many inches you can slide out before the tape breaks and falls because nothing is holding it up, and the longer it gets, the less of a disturbance is needed to break it.

  8. Let's play a social experiment. Burn down the entirety of MSM and social media, and continue the current government with independent news channels reporting on them. Let's find out how quickly even the most ardent Democrats will change his mind about his approval of Biden.

    (I know this is redundant, ardent Democrats are just bigger idiots than tourist Democrats)

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