American’s’ fail Americans I AM PISSED

Goes to show you who really cared.

Written by King Keneth


  1. Hi King Keneth – appreciate your videos, it sucks that YT is probably shadow banning or not showing your videos otherwise you'd have way more views. I'm going to share your videos when I can and help get them out there – you're a real Patriot, and I'm proud of you for standing up for what is right and speaking your mind. Keep going, don't let views or people stop you from doing what you want or saying what you want to say – never give up stay motivated, you hold within the strength and integrity of a real American – and remember there's always people out there who will support you – you are on the right side of history and millions are here with you!

  2. Shit goblin fauci has known about treatments that kill corona virus since at least 2005.Back then he called anti malaria treatment a wonder drug as it destroyed corona,,not like the gene therapies they are pushing that appear to be breeding the dangerous spike protein attached to this corona virus