An 8 Year Old Girl Was Shot By Armed Men At BLM Protest Site, This Lawlessness Has Gone TOO FAR

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  1. It has gone beyond "lawlessness" into treason and armed insurrection in some cases. Some are still protests, but the former need to be gotten under control so the latter can continue express their legal rights. And some of these activist in media are helping to ferment this insurrection.

  2. In the end this is good, people are seeing how useless democratic leaders are, how stupid their rules are. You can't celebrate America and freedom but you can riot? Democrat leaders calling to defund the police but hire private security. Hell your buddy came around Tim and I think you have tok but won't admit it cause being the fence sitter is your schtick.

  3. Oh hell no they are not going to take my state yes I'm from Texas yes I'm like yes I'm gay and I will be in the grave before they take my damn state for themselves let them have Michigan or Massachusetts or New York let them have one of those States but they not going to take my state you'll have to pull the shotgun out of my cold dead hands before I will give that up and I promise you I'll take a bunch of them with me

  4. If we do have another civil war and I've said this for years it's not going to be a war between braces it's going to be more or less a war between the Haves and the Have Nots the people who work for a living and the people who don't and the more to the point the people that work for a living outnumber the people that don't work for a living and I'm not talking about people who are on welfare I am talking about those cultural Elites and those political Elites who don't have to worry about getting up in the morning and worrying about where their next meal is going to come from or getting up and going to a job and working odd hours and long hours like 12 hour shifts just to make ends meet just to keep a roof over your head just to keep food in your belly those people who can get up in the morning and go I think I'll go back and sleep till noon one I'm talking about those idiots in Hollywood and those idiots that live in Washington DC those are the people that we should be fighting those the people that should be going away I'm actually shocked that antifa and black lives matter have not hit the Hollywood Hills and throw Molotov cocktails at them I am surprised that they haven't Beaten Down Nancy Pelosi's door and forced this woman out of her million dollar mansion with her three ice cream freezers full of designer ice cream or gotten rid of AOC in her drinking out of her fancy wine crap in her Washington DC loft apartment these are the people that we need they need to be lynching and not common day people

  5. 11:32 So like In Fritz The Cat? Lololol
    12:45 That pic – Grand Master Jay? Grand master? Really? Does he not know what other group uses that term?

    20:40 Jon Oliver is a mouthpiece(not solely, but in part) for the left. What did you expect?

  6. You do know that Kemp had been ready to call in the military, Keisha Bottoms the mayor of Atlanta thought she could talk to them and fix it. Now the guard is here and we can’t bring that child back. I know you don’t like Hannity but so much came out about the BLM has been hijacked by the left ( smart people already knew it) People the war is here. It’s time to give it one more go for Trump and pray he can stop it. War isn’t fun and you might say your ready ask a veteran first then decide. I don’t get how anyone can’t see what’s going on. This is the biggest power grab ever by the left. And just think who let this get started

  7. I don’t see de-escalation as much of a possibility. These fringe lunatics are off the rails and past listening to anyone; hell, they are past rational thought. With everyone pandering to them and nobody having the spine to stand up, it is going to come down to federal troops coming in to restore order. The states have been infested with career politicians that only want to keep their seat and don’t want to challenge anyone or anything. They don’t want to risk hurting their donations and funding (also from the aforementioned pandering groups) so they are complicit in the destruction. Politicians will always claim ignorance and play the blame game, so the cycle will continue until someone actually stands up for the people, and the people stand up and demand better.

  8. Hmm let’s vote the same way for 50+ years for politicians that take money from unions… then self segregate… continue to murder own people and destroy ones own neighborhood businesses. Then wonder why there are nothing changes? Maybe a little self awareness goes a long way? Maybe a little accountability too?

  9. Anyone else get that sinking feeling that all of this gun violence is just going to make the progressives double-down on gun banning – presumably under the guise of disarming "far right" racist militias – even though it's "peaceful protester" progressives that are causing all the problems?

  10. He is making vague threats. Right when the video ends he clearly references it at the end of the video saying we have a choice. Either we give them land or…It's hard to hear what he said exactly cause it's cut off.
    Until we are assured that it's not racist to shoot back, lawlessness will continue. We're not desensitized, we're waiting for the call to arms. You end violence with shock and awe.

  11. I’m starting a movement all these fake news and propaganda site we have to get them and thumbs down on all they’re videos let’s get them where it hurts in the wallet . Start reporting them let’s play there game and stop buying rap music and we’ll see

  12. I'm grateful to be living in Texas during all this. As a former Democrat who has moved center, Im getting more scared day by day. If Trump wins, the far left will LOSE their shit and all this politically correct/racism issues will be overwhelming.